Grognard Wargamer Thread!


It says 4 historical campaigns, and a brand new campaign system.


Field of Glory II is out.

What is the difference from the original game? It looks better but are there any substantial changes to how it plays?


Also, squares? Grognards don’t do squares.


I think they are fake squares, but octogons in disguise, as units can face diagonally.


Posted some thoughts on the Indie thread but I recommend new game Heliborne. Gem by 4 man Indie developer.


So I’ve a question. I got Mius-Front a while back and bounced off the UI pretty hard. It LOOKS great, like the kind of thing I’d love to play, but wow that UI.

So now it’s follow-up, Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943, is on sale, and the temptation calls to me.

So my question is, for folks who have both, is Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 easier to grok than Mius-Front at all, or is it pretty much the same?



Pretty much identical, just one is in the desert.


Damn, I was hoping one would be in the dessert.

Tim Stone likes it.

Oh @tmastern already posted this link 18 months ago. Well, here it is again.


I haven’t played Mius Front so I don’t know how it compares, but the UI does have some serious issues. Today I fought a battle and at the end it tells me I had 15% casualties. I had no idea. It’s really terrible at getting you the information you need.

On the other hand, in these few hours I played it, it does seem to work well as a simulation. When I can tell what’s going on, it does make sense. It tries hard to model communications so I have to give it credit for that. Now if only they had a tutorial that would mention that…


I played today and their mouse rotation smoothing algortihm i.e. “camera acceleration” is totally broken. Unless you move the mouse really slowly it tries jerk it back in the opposite direction all the time. :P

And with smoothing off it feels horrible. Likely issues with high DPI mice.


I’m getting fed up. In most battles my mortars never fire. I guess there must be some breakdown in communication between them and the infantry but I don’t know where. Is there a way to show which units are connected to each other? I see some units have a wire link or a radio link. Link to what? I would assume the battalion HQ, but in some battles I don’t have a battalion HQ. They’ve made communication as important in this game as it is in real life but as far as I can tell there isn’t any UI to show what’s going on.


I am really enjoying Field of Glory 2. Bring on the DLC. It definitely hits that Ancients WRG/DBA itch. My Thracians are now in the finakl battle of the campaign, its quite clever the way they have structured these ,you get to peel off garrison units after each battle, you can think if these as an investment for the final battle, so you are essentially pushing your luck as you go through for the final conflict. Neat.


SCWWII:War in Europe is 25% off at the moment.


I swear I’m finally done with Tank Warfare: Tunisia now. It’s got so many problems:

  • The UI is so bad that I don’t even know if what I’m seeing are bugs or not. One tank drives off 500m ahead of his platoon. Why? No idea. Mortars never fire or only fire at certain targets. No idea why.
  • Important game systems are not documented. Not in tutorials, not in the manual, and not in any guides that I can find. Does that information exist anywhere in English? Am I supposed to look up earlier Graviteam games to understand this one?
  • “Tank” is emphasized over “warfare” way too much. I’ve played through 10+ battles in campaigns and I haven’t yet seen any off-map artillery or air support. Mines apparently exist in the game but I’ve seen no evidence of them as I played. That means infantry is completely helpless against tanks.
  • I have no impact on the game other than giving movement orders. I can’t lay minefields. I can’t fire artillery on preregistered targets. Supposedly I can tell a unit to prioritize a certain target, but when I do nothing happens.
  • The campaign usually generates one-sided battles. The side that has armor will win. If neither side has armor then the defender will win since the attacker won’t have adequate artillery support.
  • The enemy AI is terrible on the attack. It either asks for a cease fire immediately or sends one platoon at a time to be defeated in detail.

I wouldn’t be complaining so much if I didn’t want to like the game so bad. I’ve had some great moments playing it, but most of the time I’m just watching tanks massacre a bunch of hapless guys who can’t fight back. I can’t understand why so many developers will go 90% of the way toward making a great game and then decide they’re too lazy to finish making the UI.


Taking a look at upcoming releases I came across Mare Nostrvm, turn based ancient sea battles.

It’s by the guys who did Qvadriga, which is enough to make it a no-questions-asked purchase for me…


It shows which ships are in communication with each other. Clearly the developers must have been inspired by all my complaints against Tank Warfare: Tunisia!


You can turn on the command and control indicators in Tank Warfare and see who’s in contact with who and how and when their messages are being passed.


I had a feeling I was missing something. Is there any good documentation? I’ve looked at the manual and their forums and I couldn’t find anywhere that would actually teach me these things.


Self-plug of a sorts, just for speed’s sake.


Thanks! I’ll check this out when I get a chance.