Grognard Wargamer Thread!


Oh cheers for the reminder! Yeah day 1 here as well.


Indeed, didn’t know the release was this close!


Another thanks from a fan of both Qvadriga and naval combat who was unaware of this game. Thanks for nothing Steam recommendations.


When you mentioned previously that you were having issues getting mortars to work I went off to make a video showing how to make them blind fire and how to combine them with a spotting unit and could only get the mortar to fire one round and then it would stop.

Turned out we accidentally found a bug with British mortar crews, (everyone else worked fine), and that bug is being squashed in the next patch.


I just got the Steam notice that it’s out. $20 - not bad for Slitherine. I have errands to run this morning in preparation for family coming to visit, so won’t be able to get to it until later, perhaps even tomorrow.


I just watched a video, and the soundscape was absolutely lovely. It is also very classy looking, as “usual” with Daniel Lopez Soria’s games… even if I played only a single other one. No idea what was happening, but I intend to read the manual tonight.


Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations WOTY is currently on sale for $27.19 (66% off) at Fanatical. This is a limited time offer that ends in 7 days.


$27 bucks is the lowest I’ve seen for CMNAO and even if you have only a passing interest in the subject matter, it’s still worth having in your backlog.


It is tempting at that price.


So the next iteration of Operational Art of War is due out in a few days. Anyone planning on jumping in?


Wait, Norm Koger is behind this??

Oh, I remember ordering Wargame Construction Set Tanks! add-ons (which came on floppy disks) from him.


No, I don’t believe he has anything to do with it any longer. This is a small team at Matrix that did TOAW 3.


Looking at it now! Hey, it looks like a semi-modern Windows game as opposed to 3, which had a look-and-feel of a Windows 9x program.


I got my anniversary discount just now, so I might snatch this. It’s due out on the 16th, amirite, and maybe we’ll be hearing about a Matrix winter sale around then too.


I might end up getting it at some point just because there’s so few computer wargames, but they haven’t tackled my fundamental problem with it. The improvements they’ve made to the supply system don’t go nearly far enough. An operational-level wargame should not try to keep logistics abstract and hidden away in the background. How would you even try to make a scenario historically accurate in TOAW? It can’t simulate Rommel’s need to conserve fuel, the Soviets using up massive stockpiles during their offensives, or isolated troops being resupplied from the air. There’s no way that scripted events can replace having a logistics system where supplies exist on the map and are moved around.

To add insult to injury, while they abstract away logistics, they’re now going to simulate armor penetration on ships. Really? That’s what they thought was missing from their games? That we couldn’t use it to fight the Battle of Midway?

And when they say there’s 200 scenarios, they mean they’re including the same 200 crappy scenarios as before. Maybe 5% at best are at a scale where I would consider playing. I’m not fighting the entire war on the Eastern Front at battalion level.


Link for the lazy. TOAW IV


Sounds like the same grips I’ve had for ever with Advance Wars!

… I am so far from being a grognard, yet…


Why I really like Unity of Command’s gloriously abstracted supply system, which works to force you into role playing like a German/Soviet commander.

As unrealistic as it is to have a panzer division drive itself deep behind and capture your supply point, leaving it inevitably stranded, it does teach you a valuable lesson about flank protection…


Next War: Poland is out in the wild.


I should probably start assuming you are talking about board games and not get my hopes there is some great new PC war-game out I didn’t know about. :-)