Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Yeah, even as a pure “for fun” game, it really depends on the scenario/ actors. But essentially its an rpg with a gm making all the mechanics/rules decisions.

I play free form RPGs, so I am very used to this. Probably doesn’t belong in the Grognard thread, honestly, but the most interesting games tend to pol-mil.

Well, if crafted properly it can scratch both the RPG and Wargame itches.

I remember Quantum Link doing a US-Soviet game in the late 80s. I can’t remember the specific scenario, but I remember advocating for deploying the Black Sea Fleet before Turkey closed the straits. It had all the problems you would expect with online, such as someone being in the opposing sides chat room, and being a “spy” for the other team.

Red Cell, White Cell, Orange Cell, Green Cell. :)

I went to Connections UK last year where Matrix Games (the video-game company) were allowed to attend for the first time, as the whole theme was on ‘automation’ and digital tools. Mr. Mouat was very vocal about how digital tools weren’t up to the job and everyone should use analogue methods instead.

(Not specifically Matrix Games - I prefer ‘mega’-games myself, although he did run a Matrix Game session at the conference.)

Either absolutist position seems wrong. Some stuff works great digitally. Some doesn’t. Makes sense to leverage the strengths of both. I guess I am not trying to sell analog or digital game’s though, so it is easy for me to take that position.

Strategic Command WW1 is out. The marketing for the game features a graphic mod which is far better than vanilla. But it is not included in the game and I doubt the creator has received any payment. That does leave a bad taste of the publisher monetizing free work of others.

I’m tempted. I hope to hear from a few guinea pigs here first, though.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Divine right of kings seems like a perfectly reasonable concept.

Mic check

Cooperative? Plane game? Its all you, B. :)

Why would you play a Nazi?

Black counter fetish?

I enjoyed that video, even if it was kinda weird! I also watched another video on their Kickstarter site, in which the devs play two sample rounds of the game. It wasn’t exactly thrilling to watch, but the game has promise. I’d just want some assurance that there’s enough decisionmaking.

man, the desire for the fleet games versus the desire not to be hit by compass quality issues.

I played those back in the day. With these updates, are they, well, updating them, in terms of units, mechanics, etc. to reflect today, or are they just reprints?

No word yet, it isn’t even up for pre-order yet and…

Joe Balkoski’s The Korean War: June 1950 - May 1951, Designer Signature Edition (link to Pre-Order Page) when released will probably answer both those questions/concerns fully. One would think that with a meticulous Design-Sensei like Mr. Balkoski involved, and Compass using his name, that the QC issues may be resolved. But for me that Korea title, when released, is the acid test on that.

Just got my 15 year (50% off) anniversary coupon from Matrix. Decisions, decisions…