Grognard Wargamer Thread!

I really, really want a wargame that is at single man level - on the computer. Kinda like SSI’s old Computer Ambush. Loved that game, the only issue was the lack of random/unpredictable enemy AI in terms of placement: for each map, the enemy had 3 possible locations/setups. Even with that I had a lot of tense moments trying to get from one side of a village to the other, with church towers, multiple buildings. etc. In another I remember trying to clear out a barn on one side of the town. I do remember in the one trying to decide whether to risk going into the street to rescue one of my favorite soldiers who had been wounded by a sniper, risking someone else being hit. Really good tactical stuff. 1981 for the Apple ][, $59.95. The first version was written in Applesoft and it was REALLY slow, but they converted it to 6502 assembly and it was much faster.

$159.28 today!

I still vaguely remember the grid maps for that game.

Hey guys, I’m interested in the getting started in some Age of Sail games, which one do you recommend gives the best overall experience?
Steam and Iron / Age of Sail / Ultimate admiral…?

Steam and Iron is good but doesn’t have anything to do with the Age of Sail…

Yeah, I guess I meant more along the lines of naval warfare games, I’m not particularly bothered on the specific time period

Rule the Waves 2, depending on what you are looking for. The let’s play in this thread is a good overview. Vive la France: Let's Play Rule the Waves 2

Sharing the initial, simple rules for the individual character military simulation RPG I posted above. There are classes, skills and traits. It uses JTS Squad Battles as the combat engine. I tweaked the game data to better support single unit combatants.

The closed alpha playtest is in two weeks, I will report back if we find any fun.

Got an email this morning that says Grand Tactician: the Civil War releases into early access August 21st.


public service announcement re: really good games.

It’s point-to-point with cards. But good. No VASSAL module yet but I’m working on that (by offering to pay someone to make one).

The video is worth watching as well.

Whoever accepts your offer would then, ahem, be your vassal.

Does it play okay with two, or does it really need three players to shine?

The latter. There is a two-player version, but from what I can tell, it is far inferior to the real game, because so much of the historical situation involved the ambivalent relationship between the Croats and Bosnians.

If a VASSAL module shows up, I’ll run a play-by-forum game here.


Count me in, if we get a VASSAL module.

I talked to Tomislav and unfortunately Compass games won’t release the VASSAL module yet. But I definitely plan to run a game, and I’m happy to take three players. I won’t be playing, just running it.

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I didn’t realize it was that kind of game…

Just joining the fun.