Grognard Wargamer Thread!


Love it.

That’s a cool Tshirt

Looking forward to it, I just watched the interview to the designer and looks great!

Combat Mission on Steam. We truly are in end times.

Funny that, I argued on the Battlefront forums for putting their stuff on steam years and years ago and Steve pushed back, hard.

Well, I imagine their sales have not been terribly robust, so in the end, money talks, bullshit walks.

Yeah, I just assumed he didn’t like Valve taking a cut, but my argument back to him was better 2/3’s of something than 100% of nothing as this just expands your market. At the time he was bordering on obnoxious about his resistance to it.

So I’ll be honest, this news does make me chuckle.

This was quite satisfying I have to admit.

Now we just need to do Rule the Waves!

You mean War in the Pacific AE!

Are you saying going against common practices in the market you work in turned out to not be that profitable? Colour me surprised.

Watching Battlefront and Slitherine change their tune on Steam has been an interesting ride. So much for we know the market better I guess.

The real question is whether they’ll bend their stiff necks on pricing at all. Like having sales literally ever.

It looks like with time the entire catalog will come over and even sales are a thing now:

Wonder if they’ll still make you pay for updates, that one always made me laugh too about Battelfront.

Have the other modules they let you buy for Shock Force 2 even come out yet?

Don’t know, probably could poke around their forum and find the answer.

For CM I’m just a WW2 guy so don’t keep tabs on CMSF.

Well it can only be good news. I hope the WW2 stuff comes over, Red Thunder?

Hopefully Slitherine can convince them a dynamic generated campaign is a good idea as well.

You’ll eat your seventh-time recycled Panzer General gruel and say “Thank you, may I have more, Sir?”

Hey have any of y’all played this one?