Grognard Wargamer Thread!

Also the Air & Armor update from Compass is being expanded into a series, with at least 2 more games which are currently being worked on.

@Juan_Raigada re: Ukraine, Mark Herman has been working on something:

I can’t be given respite from the p500, can I?

To be quite honest, it’s pure fantasy that I could play this right now anyway, but hopefully I’ll get there.


Great stuff. Kind of crazy that they are attempting to model a war that has changed our perception of modern war and about which we have a lot of finding out to do yet.

@Uppland Thanks for those helpful links. Lots to choose from! For someone new to modern conflict simulation, do you think it’s better to start with a tactical game or an operational one? I tend to prefer operational games, but then again I played ASL obsessively for years. But one of the tactical games you linked, Spearhead, lists Mark Herman as a co-designer, and I like his work.

@Juan_Raigada Those Next War games look like just the ticket. I like the scale, and the production values look like the usual GMT high quality. Is there any one game you’d suggest starting with? Poland, maybe? I’d like something in that region to help me understand the Ukraine conflict.

@vyshka Speaking of Ukraine, can you tell whether Mark Herman’s Ukraine game is designed for solo play or two-player? I googled a bit and couldn’t find the answer. He pulls no punches in his description of the war as an illegal invasion of a sovereign state by Russia – good for him. I’m used to playing both the Axis and Allies in WW2 games, but I can’t say I’m eager to “play” the Russian side in this conflict, at least not yet. So the optimal design, from my point of view, would be a game in which you play solo as the Ukrainians.

I’ve only seen a couple updates on twitter about it being worked on so I know very little about it besides it is a game or series looking at that picture based on the current war.

I’ll probably take a look on consimworld later.

I mean, Taiwan is probably the best entry point (single map, uses naval assets, so you get the full system in as little space as possible). I have that and Korea (which it integrates with).

This just dropped, FYI

I caved and just ordered A Most Fearful Sacrifice. Like I need another game! However, this one will make it to the table as soon as it arrives.

Oh, very nice! It very much feels like an iconic wargame, for sure. I’d love to hear how you like it as you get into it. I probably won’t be far behind you, so maybe we can compare notes. It’s almost to the top of my list. :)

In my opinion games below platonlevel becomes to technical and misses the soft factor. There is also to problem with the long range lethality of modern weapons which is difficult to make interesting scenarios of on a small gameboard. But MBT is an interesting toy to play around with and test weapon capabilities.

I prefer platoon level up to operational level since the game system that can model both doctrine and organizational factors too. I am looking forward to Compass Games Air & armor and GMT’s Decisive action. And Red Strike has been preordered for some time now. The deciding factor for that decision was the very high quality of the games from Vuca Sims.

It sounds great. I signed up for the P500 of the second edition. The first edition is hard to find, it seems; pricy on Amazon. I do see Korea is available on the GMT website, but Taiwan interests me more.

I spent some time looking at videos about the Poland game. It looks very complex, which is fine with me, but the maps don’t sing to me, lol. They seem clear and functional, but not that pretty to look at. OK, I’m superficial, I know!

Yeah, I may go for it too. It looks superb.

I might be mistaken, but I think the Second War series has two sets of rules in each game. A basic game and an advanced game? So I think a good bit of the complexity can be left off, or brought on as you learn the system better.

Yep, I think you’re right, and that’s certainly a plus. I’m a fan of complexity in any case. But I’m not sure I love the map graphics in the Poland game. E.g., forest hexes have simple tree sprites, and the strategic map seems a bit bland. Not a deal-breaker, but the maps for Red Strike seem a bit more flavorful to me. A taste thing, obviously.

Some wargaming news dropping from Matrix!

Armored Brigade 2 - now in 3D!!!

Valor & Victory Pacific

Plus CM: Fortress Italy is on Steam right now.

I could not be happier about Armored Brigade 2! I loved the original and was lamenting the fact that all development had ceased.

Is there any information on the time period covered? I hope it is 80’s Cold War redux.

Sure. I’ll post my thoughts here after some time with it.

Looks like you can actually make it to Moscow in this one

I wrapped up the Battle of the Dnieper scenario with Traces of War last night. I thought it was hopeless for the Russians halfway through, but then the German defense cracked and the floodgates opened. Russians pulled out a victory on the last turn by taking a “hold at all costs” Supreme Order city. Fun times.

I watched your AAR last night and enjoyed it a lot. By the look of the comments, the format is a hit. I’ve started your Save South Vietnam series now; from the first couple of episodes it seems the designer really succeeded in representing the whole ‘agitprop leading to an unstoppable tide of VC/NVA’ thing. Really neat.

@zilla_blitz Great AAR. Thanks for doing it!