Ground Control 2 Beta

Anyone else have this and want to hook up to mess around with it?

So when can you tell us about it?

uh, in 60 days from yesterday, unless VUG decides to terminate the NDA early…

Suffice to say that if you enjoyed the first, you’ll not be disappointed.

I enjoyed the first, and I’m dissappointed so far.


Wow, Shiroko, did you not get an NDA, or did you get one and just say “f-ck it”? ;)

If they manage to plan ahead this time and implement saves it’ll be a big improvement over the last one

Well, demo’s out, and I agree with you. They took out all the things that made the first one good, and made 3D Starcraft minus base-building instead. Smashing. Hope they’ll let us mod this into something resembling the original, though, since the graphics are pretty.

Yep, I really liked the first, the second simply feels like massing units. Worst case you lose them and your upkeep goes down so you can bring more.