Grounded - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids by Obsidian

How do you change the game settings ? I see all this wonderful ability, but it’s not even available on a new game.

I’ll be honest, this game is way too hard for this 58 year old on medium. I need to dial this back, and turn off all the other crap (hunger/thirst/spoiled meals/etc) for the first playthrough.

Difficulty is the only thing that can be changed. All the other settings are greyed out.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn off all the food/hunger/etc. crap once you’ve started a playthrough- we found this out the hard way. Thankfully they mostly just become trivial after a while. If you’re still early, it might be best to start over- early things go quick with your learned knowledge.

I was into throwing axes at robots and spiders for a bit, because they do a chunk of damage like that, but other than that, I don’t throw much.

My friends and I are having a blast with this game. The shared-save system is perfect. Everyone has access to it via the cloud, and can log on and just tool around doing their own thing whenever they want, and then when a few of us are on we can go do real/story stuff.

I started a new game, geared up with acorn before even trying to go to the hedge, and got wrecked by a wolf spider while I was fighting a larva (which I could handle).

I going to sleep on it, but I think I’m going to refund. I just don’t like this difficulty and I’m reading a lot of posts that say “yeah, early game is hard”

Peep at bugs to see what they are strong and weak against. I think spiders are strong against stabbing attacks. Also, there are different tier weapons and buffs you can craft. I assume spiders are for later tiers so I’ve been avoiding them at level 1.

Not sure if you noticed, but the acorn armor, while the toughest of the tier-1 armors, also draws threat. So it’s tough to wear while playing solo.

I’ve seen a few posts here about wolf spiders being prevalent in the starting area. We build our base in the shadow of the soda can near the Oak Lab. The Wolf that lives under the Oak tree comes around sometimes, but I wouldn’t say ‘regularly’, and mostly at night. Other times it’s mostly easy to keep an eye out for him.

I’ve built my base on top of the baseball - The only way up, is a crooked branch, meaing NO monsters can come that way that I’ve seen so far.

This leads me to me soloing the damn wolf spiders and Ladybugs, while feeling a bit bad about it.

spear does massive damage when thrown fwiw, probably 4x normal damage or more.

In my experience it does massive damage to the ground.

Are there a lot of spots like this? I tend to use that strat early on in other survival games like ARK, and it works well despite feeling cheesy.

I am unsure how difficult the other places are to reach for monsters, but yeah - building high is definitely an option.

Just not on the Baseball- Thats mine, and you cant have it!

I started yesterday night, and it made me wish the onboarding experience was more like Subnautica. I think unlocked 37 recipes in the first hour!

Getting one hit killed by Wolf Spiders 30 minutes into the game is making this more like Gothic and less Honey i Shrunk the Kids.

I think I like this game, but it’s strange. Reminds me of Green Hell. Surprisingly little handholding or direction. I went to the hedge but it’s locked. Wandered around for awhile tiptoeing around sleeping spiders. Broke a spinny thing. I guess I’ll try crafting more stuff.

Explore the other end of the Hedge.

That was my experience as well for a time - You learn to avoid them, and can kill them later, preferably from heights. But, I usually avoid them now, or just run if they see me, and that works fine. Just don’t think you can figth them head-on, I’d say :-)

How much have you played? If I remember correctly, back in EA, they added bees and The Crow specifically to deter this sort of anti-social behavior. If you’re up there a lot, you may have unwanted visitors from the air…

I’ve been there a lot - played…10-15 hours or so this time, and no crows, and the only bees I’ve seen, are the ones I’ve shot at to draw them myself.

LOL at “anti-social” :-D I did not know I was being anti-social towards the insects 😂

I killed an orb weaver but I suspect that it was one of the juniors. I added aphid shoes so I will be able to book it in event of a wolf spider!

The crow doesn’t interact with players. Bees are neutral unless they’ve been angered (by anything), but they don’t live near the baseball. It’s a popular first base location for new players, but the reprisal attacks I’ve seen are infrequent and fairly mild anyway.

I am unimaginative and just plopped down a few gadgets on the ground around the initial research machine. It doesn’t seem an area patrolled by enemies so it’s ok?