Grounded - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids by Obsidian

A few days later. But I must say this: Grounded is fantastic, one of the best looking games in a long time. Cool sandbox. Not a fan of pure survival games, will wait for the full release. Impressed by Obsidian work here. Did not expected this at all.

This may describe me as well, but I still feel like I’ve never given the genre a proper try. I’ve played The Forest, My Time in Portia, The Long Dark, Subnautica, No Man’s Sky (does that count?), Rimworld (does that count?) among others but they never held my attention for more than about 2-5 hours.

I messed around with the newly-released Forager on Game Pass and that was actually really fun and addictive. Shame about the primitive graphics.

After about half an hour, Grounded hasn’t quite grabbed me, but I’m a loyal Obsidian fan so I won’t write it off too quickly. It’s probably worth playing just to see the Arachnophobia slider… is this the future of Settings Menus? Ultra-configurable safe spaces for a generation of trigger-able youth??

I like the way it looks too, but uh Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us 2 both just came out and those games both look stunning so I’m not sure where that “in a long time” is coming from.

This hard locked my xbox one x three times in a row on the loading screen.

Think I will wait until it is done.

I have not played these yet. Ghost of Tsusima looks like can provide some amazing views at points, while TLOU2 looks like good impression of a city taken over by grass.

It helps Grounded that I did not expect everything to look so purty

Had some fun with this again this morning, this time with my friend Todd- we were doing a PC(via Steam) /Xbox cross-play thing. We got to explore more of the yard, and built the start of a base. Funny thing happened right as I was logging off- a bunch of ‘larvae’ wriggled into our base just when I was logging off (my friend already had). They killed me before I knew what was happening, and as I lay there bleeding out, I watched as they ate a bunch of the base - walls, lean-to, grass pallet. I showed him a screen shot, and he’d never seen them in the game before, either. We’re they just something that gets attracted when you start base-building? Who knows?

On a related note, anyone know how to make voice chat work between pc/xbox?


Yeah, that’s what we used but I was hoping there’s something that can use the Xbox native system. He has to have an Xbox online acct to play, and he’s now on my Xbox Live Friends list. I can invite him to a party, but he couldn’t see that.

Stop building your base out of edible materials.

Is this a joke? Not sure. Grass was all we have unlocked so far…

Answering my own question re: cross-play voice chat. Might be useful for others. I haven’t tested yet.

When is the full release due?

"sometime in 2021.”

OK thanks!

[email protected] on Xbox Series X at launch.

Nice for those in the Xbox eco system.

Do they make enough devices to be considered an “ecosystem”? There is no Microsoft handheld console for instance. Xbox and Windows 10 aren’t fully integrated with each other yet either.

“Ecosystem” on consoles usually just refers to the platform itself, which in Microsoft’s case extends from consoles, to PC, to mobile devices now.


But what can you actually do using the PC and smartphone apps? Chat? Shop for games that get loaded automatically onto your Xbox?

I mean, iPad, iPhone, iMac, etc. all “do stuff” so clearly Apple has an ecosystem.