Grounded - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids by Obsidian

No, but you can wear armor. You can swap characters by hosting the save as multiplayer and picking a different one, but store your inventory first because it’s saved per-character.

Nope. I play in first person.

U is the default key to switch views. Being stuck in a spider web will temporarily put you in third person, and sometimes not restore it after the web is destroyed, so it’s worth remembering the hotkey. There’s a viewswap in one of the quick radial menus too.

There are cheats and (Nexus) mods, but I didn’t see anything clothing/character related there.

No, just armor. I play only in 1st person. Love the game more and more. Played all weekend with my kid and just kept building up a nicer and nicer original base. Then, we always take materials to build lean to’s out near areas where we might get killed multiple times so we can spawn close to those areas. Mini bases all over the place. Just having a blast coop.

I’m just getting started, have visited the first lab after getting the lasers working, but I’m finding I’m more frustrated than having fun right now.

  1. The entire eating / drinking at the beginning when you’re learning the game is really frustrating. Having been told time / time again to “find fresh water”, all I’ve found is juice drops and tons of dirty water and none of it lasts long at all. I’m sure was with other survival it will become a non-issue later on, but this is super irritating right now. Can I carry / craft a water container later?

  2. Lack of any kind of HUD is killing most of the enjoyment beyond food. Just trying to get back to my first field station is so bad with toggling back and forth with the map to see which direction I"m going (which I hate btw). I was thinking markers would work, but how do you place a marker that is not on top of you? Every time I use the map, it just places the marker where I’m at and not where I want to go. I want to have a marker that will orient me to where I’m going.

  3. They have colorblind mode that I’ve enabled, but I still can’t tell the difference between regular grass and dry grass. Not sure if there is supposed to be a difference other than mousing over it?

  4. Day / Night cycles are way too short. I feel like I’m hardly able to do anything before it’s dark. I built a lean-to, but it’s impossible to find in the dark for me other than literally stumbling over it. Any tips on making it easier to find?

  5. My health-o-meter beeps occasionally. *the LED’s on top / left / right" I have no idea WTF is trying to tell me but it is super irritating.

Overall, it’s a cool environment, that I really want to have more time to explore but the constant reminders to do something is taking a lot of the discovery out of it. It just feels way too rushed. DO THIS DO THAT NOW DO THIS NOW DO THAT. That combined with the short day/night cycle and I really need to get over this hump!

  1. We have eating/drinking turned off as a custom setting…along with item degradation…hate those mechanics. I might do another run with those all on but for now, it’s awesome to explore with those off.

  2. On the map you can click on anywhere to create a waypoint. Also, there are spots to unlock flags which then show up as a little 3d thing while running around which helps. But yes, it’s tough to orient yourself until you get more into it and figure out the map.

  3. We like the day/night cycle…make sure we are back at base camp when it starts to get dark and sleep till dawn. We spent hours building a large base near the starting area.

  4. The beeping means you are near a science station…just look around the areas when you hear the beeps.

We love the game…best game we’ve played this year…this and Elden Ring!

You will unlock lamps and maybe place one of those by your lean to?

But, build a nice base first and you will always have a place to go back to…if you are out and about a long ways and it gets dark, just die and you can respawn back at your camp lean to. We turned off losing the backpack on death…so we get to keep all stuff when we die so that makes it easier.

I play on default medium and it seems fine to me. especially once you get some stuff built up. Food is such a deep part of the game mechanics I can’t imagine turning it off. Also that disables achievements and my gf loves numbers go up.

I sometimes come across as blunt so prefacing this to make sure you know I don’t mean to be rude Tman ;) At any rate, water is easy to find. Just look up at drops on blades of grass. Either hit the grass then grab the water or shoot the drop with ranged weapon and grab both water and arrow/weapon. Also a canteen helps alleviate dependence on it later.

You can easily place markers pretty much anywhere, you can also build trail beacons/markers which show up on your hud. I have one for each base/outpost I make as well as important resource gathering spots I want to find easily. I have a red one for my main base blue for my outpost and so on. I just aim at the red home icon and go. No map needed.

Dry grass is really yellow or brown, grass is very green. If you are color blind though it could be difficult I guess. they are drastically different colors in most areas though. There are a couple exceptions.

Put a marker near your lean-to as well, or look for the ghost symbol on the map. Torches work well as well if out a bit late. Day/night is fast, maximize work in day, then just sleep and repeat. Later in game there will be reasons to go out at night.

a lot of these are either told to you as you complete tutorial tasks or are available in the survival guide in the game’s menu.

again, really not trying to sound harsh I just really enjoy the game and don’t like it getting criticized for things that aren’t really issues. there are plenty of things to complain about though, I just don’t know that any of these would be since the game provides the tools and info for them.

another part of finding your way around is simply learning the map and getting familiar with different areas though. I play a lot with my girlfriend and thought it was kind of neat when she saw a video on youtube showing a building technique and in just a couple seconds noticed and shouted that ‘this is the area of our second outpost!’ and was proud she recognized it.

Take your time with learning and pushing the story, there are a few things that are important to get quickly but really on the first playthrough I would just take your time and make sure you are learning what the game is trying to tell you. There are some decent ‘wish I had known earlier’ videos on youtube as well and so far I’ve been pretty lucky with them being mostly spoiler free.

I’m more than happy to either pop into any of your games or have you guys join mine for tips or just some coop. I don’t mind just chopping and stacking stuff either. really just digging the game in general.

Ya…I went in last night to our Hosted server and just chopped away and looked for more fire ants to hack up for some weapons…so much to do and it’s just relaxing and enjoyable. I can see playing this game many times over the next year or two.

Thanks for the encouragment, but for the life of me I have no idea how markers work. Here is my map:

Using R only places a flag WHERE I"M AT. How can I get a flag in another place?

How do I place a marker?

Talk to me like I’m 6.


On the Xbox version, you just move the cursor around the map to look at and highlight all those objects and read what they are … and then hit LS to place the waypoint where the cursor is pointed at. Dont know about the PC version…sowwy.

I am also on a gamepad so don’t know the m/kb options. You can also place a waypoint by using your PEEP.R and tagging stuff that way at range. in a related note, don’t forget to PEEP every insect once.

Ok, I had to click and drag the purple? circle around me to be where I want, then place R and it will place a waypoint. Yeah, one thing down.

God the spear is so bad, too much drop and it’s constantly hitting things in the foreground and sticking and then when it misses, it bounces where I never see it and the icon for it doesn’t show up for quite some time, so I’ve got spears all over that I keep rediscovering.

We have never thrown anything in the game. My kid uses the spear but the same one from the start of the game, just as a melee weapon. Would love to try the bow, just need some arrows.

How do you change the game settings ? I see all this wonderful ability, but it’s not even available on a new game.

I’ll be honest, this game is way too hard for this 58 year old on medium. I need to dial this back, and turn off all the other crap (hunger/thirst/spoiled meals/etc) for the first playthrough.

Difficulty is the only thing that can be changed. All the other settings are greyed out.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn off all the food/hunger/etc. crap once you’ve started a playthrough- we found this out the hard way. Thankfully they mostly just become trivial after a while. If you’re still early, it might be best to start over- early things go quick with your learned knowledge.

I was into throwing axes at robots and spiders for a bit, because they do a chunk of damage like that, but other than that, I don’t throw much.

My friends and I are having a blast with this game. The shared-save system is perfect. Everyone has access to it via the cloud, and can log on and just tool around doing their own thing whenever they want, and then when a few of us are on we can go do real/story stuff.

I started a new game, geared up with acorn before even trying to go to the hedge, and got wrecked by a wolf spider while I was fighting a larva (which I could handle).

I going to sleep on it, but I think I’m going to refund. I just don’t like this difficulty and I’m reading a lot of posts that say “yeah, early game is hard”

Peep at bugs to see what they are strong and weak against. I think spiders are strong against stabbing attacks. Also, there are different tier weapons and buffs you can craft. I assume spiders are for later tiers so I’ve been avoiding them at level 1.

Not sure if you noticed, but the acorn armor, while the toughest of the tier-1 armors, also draws threat. So it’s tough to wear while playing solo.

I’ve seen a few posts here about wolf spiders being prevalent in the starting area. We build our base in the shadow of the soda can near the Oak Lab. The Wolf that lives under the Oak tree comes around sometimes, but I wouldn’t say ‘regularly’, and mostly at night. Other times it’s mostly easy to keep an eye out for him.

I’ve built my base on top of the baseball - The only way up, is a crooked branch, meaing NO monsters can come that way that I’ve seen so far.

This leads me to me soloing the damn wolf spiders and Ladybugs, while feeling a bit bad about it.