Group Calendaring

I’m looking for a group calendaring solution for a team of under 50. I’m fairly sure the Microsoft route would work beautifully, but we are not sufficiently staffed or budgetted to handle such an endeavor, and I need to get up and running quickly.

Seems the best alternative may be WebCalendar with Sunbird/MozillaCalendar, however I’m very nervous about comitting to this route and thought I’d put my feelers out in the QT3 world, just in case. Oh and I should mention we’re on DH and are sticking with their default email system for now despite my feelings about Squirrelmail.

Geez, with my guilty conscience, it seems every post I make is going to feel like stealth marketing now. I’m not endorsing any of the above products.

Check out Meeting Maker. Been around forever, and still one of the best.


I haven’t used it yet, but is getting a lot of positive buzz. No device syncing yet, though.

Used MM several years back (just as a user) and it was fairly slick. Their site does not offer Linux trial downloads and I fear it may not be something I can run at DH under a managed plan, but I’ll check it out. 30 boxes looks like something along the lines of WebCalendar but also looks worthy.

Edit: Had to call to ask for the MM Linux trial, and was amused by the sales rep’s inability to answer a single technical question regarding installation or db requirements. I strongly suspect this is not browser-installable or MySQL compatible which are show-stoppers.