So I finally got around to cracking the wrapping on Growlanser: Generations and so far I like what I see. It’s definitely got a different set of conventions than a lot of RPGs (semi-real-time, a more node-based overworld, seemingly lots of conditional events). It’s got a few polish issues but I just thought I’d throw it out there in case people missed this and were looking for a new tactical RPG with a little more character /s toryline stuff than the Nippon Ichi flavor of game.

I definitely preferred it over just about everything I’ve played by Nippon Ichi. The storylines are certainly superior, although Disgaea gets points for some very funny moments.

They should’ve left Growlanser 2 out and ported over Growlanser 1 instead, even if it was for the PS1.

Hell, GL2 barely makes any sense if you haven’t played the first one and the entire game plays out like some poorly thought out expansion pack.

I loved Growlanser. II is much better than III, because strat RPGs should never focus on random encounters. I too preferred these titles over NIS’s.

Not only did III have annoying random encounters, it made you wander around 2-D cities knocking on doors and looking for vendors. I prefer the no-nonsense menu system of II fpr a strat RPG and if I’m going to have to wander around on a map, I want it to be 3D.