Grrr, dead iPod

No point here but to rant. My iPod (4th Gen Click wheel) I’ve had for like 3 weeks just died. Won’t power up or anything. Hopefully CostCo will be cool since I didn’t keep the box or receipt or anything, but man, this irritates me.

I’ve tried every troubleshooting tip I could find, and I’m down to the mystical “leave it unplugged for 24 hours…and see if that helps” one. Whee.

Did you register w/Apple? It should be under manufacturer warranty, and Apple’s turn around times, at least w/ computers, are very prompt.

I had the same problem with my Creative Zen Touch after two weeks, and Creative replaced it for free. Apple will definitely cover this one.

Apple iPods come with a 1 year warranty no matter what. Costco may exchange it just based on that as long as you have the original box and all the goodies it came with, and something like a credit card receipt showing your purchase.