Grrr....Logitech's new mouseline

I was getting really psyched for this new breed of “gaming-grade” Laser mice that Logitech is about to unleash next month, but what happened to all the buttons? My MX518 is barely able to handle all these newfangled FPS hotkeys(F.E.A.R) with only two thumb buttons…now they are scaling back to 1?

I can’t be the only gamer infatuated with those thumb buttons on my mouse.


Is there one on the other side now, maybe?

Mmm, sexy…
I like the position of the page scrolling buttons (above & below the scroll wheel) on the MX510, so I don’t like that they’re moving them.
I’ve never used the 2nd thumb button though, and I only use the first because it toggles running in World of Warcraft

edit: Nevermind moving them, they’ve abandoned them all together ><
The scroll buttons are a godsend when navigating long .c files

Wow… yeah, it only has one side button. Why didn’t they just use the MX1000 design?

Just get a Razer.

I’ve got one of these G5 mice (review on ET:,1697,1847008,00.asp).

It’s awesome. And for contrast, I used to have the Razer Diamondback and the MX518 before that and the MX700 before that. So it’s not like I’ve never used high-end mice before.

The G5 has a really great shape and feel to it, and the smoothest motion with the best tracking of any mouse I’ve used. That might be due to the 2000dpi laser sensor, and it might be the GIANT glide pads on the bottom of the mouse.

As for the buttons: they went down to one thumb button based on feedback and usability testing. Most gamers end up often hitting the wrong button accidentally, or taking too long in a critical moment to make sure they hit the right one. I was skeptical at first, but after using it, I like the one thumb button better. It really is easier to just mash it in the heat of the moment.

I like the scroll wheel as well. It’s really firm with distinct detents, more than most mice. I find it easier to do weapon selection and such with it.

It’s also got adjustable weight! There’s a little cartridge that slides into the bottom and has 8 holes in it. You can put 4.5gram or 1.7 gram weights into any of the holes, and make the mouse as heavy or as light as you like. Groovy.

It is most definitely expensive, though. It’s aiming at a really high-end market. If you use photoshop a lot, it’s great for that, too. But if you wait a few months, I’m sure it’ll get cheaper.

You can really easily re-map pertty much everything on the mouse, even on an app-by-app basis. So you can make the + and - sensitivity buttons scroll through pages if you want, or the left/right tilt of the scroll wheel.

Just get an Apple mighty mouse.

I need one side button for back and one for forward. It’s not something I’m willing to do without.

Yeah, I’m so used to this at home now that it drives me batshit insane at work that I don’t have them on the mouse there.


Yeah, I’m so used to this at home now that it drives me batshit insane at work that I don’t have them on the mouse there.


I can’t reach the side forward button easily with my thumb, so I never use it.

I should’ve noted that I use one of these.

Those side buttons are awesome for the web and games.


Don’t tell me it’s better than a 1000. I just fucking bought a 1000 two months ago.

I loved the way the old logitech mice had the thumb button down where you actually put your thumb, instead of higher up. I used to use the thumb button all the time on my “dual optical” mouse, but I never use the thumb buttons on the MX500.

I have an MX518 and I think the dpi buttons are positioned a little more intelligently on that model. I think the one-side button might be a good idea, though. I don’t use the side buttons much but I might if they were a little less thought-intensive.

That said, Logitech pissed me off by not releasing any Windows 2000 drivers, so they they can forget about any future purchases.

I almost never use the second thumb button in regular desktop use; I have it mapped to “forward,” but in practice I use the “back” button about 100 times more frequently. In games, I use both buttons all the time, though. In FEAR, for instance, I mapped one as the flashlight and one as the “Use” button. Could I get by with just one? I suppose so. But I’d definitely prefer two.

The wheel detents are an even bigger deal for me, though. I’m still using an old Intellimouse Explorer with old drivers because I hate the newer detentless Microsoft mice, and I hate the way they removed the “scroll down one screen per stop” checkbox from the newer Intellimouse software. If Logotech can give me those things, then my next mouse will definitely be a Logitech mouse, even if it only has one thumb button.

Eh, I’ll stick with my MX1000. I like having 3 thumb buttons I can map to different things in each game, thanks.

I’m still pissed off that Logitech ditched this:

Bestest trackball ever. Needed a scroll wheel, but the new ones fail on two points… 1 - ball is on TOP and not the side, and is way smaller. Also the buttons are small and lumpy instead of flush and large. 2 - they’re all cordless, and I wanted a cord on mine.

This is the wireless one:

— Alan

I don’t really need two side buttons as long as there’s a forward button on the keyboard (like my current cheap-but-good Logitech Media keyboard). Too bad for Logitech I’m already happy with the MX518, though, so I don’t see myself upgrading just for an adjustable weight.

I have a Logitech Mouseman+, works as good today as it did… quite a few years ago.