GT Legends: the box impresses, and so does the game (hooray!)

I hope I didn’t miss any earlier threads on the subject, but has anyone started playing GT Legends:

I picked mine up this weekend and I’m really impressed with the size of the…box. Seriously, this thing is twice the width of the normal PC game box. Picking (or perhaps, hefting?) it up at CompUSA, I was excited at the prospects of a thick, detailed manual delving into the secrets of racing, camber degrees, yaw, oversteer vs understeer, etc., etc.

Instead, I get a helping of a double-sized jewel case and a paltry thin manual.

Ehhh…I’m reaching here because that’s about my only gripe after 12 hours of play. For $30, this game is a steal. I was afraid it might be a racing game for simmers only, but the difficulty levels make it quite accessible. I’m racing around in “Amateur” and loving not only the great car dynamics but also the fantastically unique cars. This isn’t another collection of Ferrari 360s or Nismo J-Spec Fairlady Zs: these are European race cars from the 60s and 70s, some of which I had no idea even existed. The GT350 wallows around the race track, easily provoked by throttle-on oversteer while the roar of the CSL’s engine makes me want to just sit around the pit area and rev my engine.

Two thumbs up here from an FPS gamer and gearhead.

PS: When did these new-fangled forums get put in? Makes the place look weird.

I love GTR, their first project. Looking forward to playing this.

while we’re on the topic of driving games, does anyone know if there is going to be another iteration of Richard Burns Rally? Poor chap is dead and all, but the 1st was a great game.

Odds of a sequel are very very small. The development team got bought up by that ill-conceived and recently bankrupt Gizmondo handheld console venture.

It’s a crying shame!

I liked GTR, but it felt a bit limiting sometimes with the modern-only cars and tracks, with only one or two cars in each class being worth using anyway. I tried a lot of add-ons, but the AI often didn’t handle them very well (all too often it would go right into full-course yellows that it could never get out of).

I’ve only tried the GT Legends demo so far, but it certainly looks promising with its greater variety. I also liked the difficulty selection better – GTR split it up a bit too coarsely in its three levels. I just hope it’ll have the same level of modding, and handle it with a better AI.

The publisher forgot to include the online activation key needed to play online in the North American release of GTL. Send an email to [email protected] for a key.

I find the cars are a lot more controllable (or, at least, more predictable) if you turn off steering, throttle and brake help. Turning these off in the user interface doesn’t disable them entirely though. Edit your PLR player file (in GameData\USERNAME\USERNAME.plr, where USERNAME is the name of your player) and set Steering Help = 0, Throttle Control=0 and Brake Help=0.

If you’re interested in racing games, Live For Speed S2 has been cleaning up reader’s choice awards recently (Game of the Year, Best Physics, Best Multiplayer, Best PC Simulation etc). More info and a demo at

Does anyone know if this game uses Starforce? I had heard that GTR made use of it and that pushed it far enough down my list that I all but forgot it. I’d hate to see that happen twice.

BTW, can anyone correct me on GTR’s copy protection?

I think this and GTR are Starforce games.

EXACTLY the same thing happened with the New Zealand release some months back… (can’t remember if Australia was effected as well but odds on it was).

Definitely starforced.

For $30, this game is a steal.

This game costs $19.97 at your local Wal-Mart Superstore.

Wow. Starforce vs. a very reasonably priced, very good racing game. Hmm…

Ehh, Starforce was on my computer years ago. I’m not going to pass up a gaming experience because of it.

$20 makes this game even more worth it.

Picked this up last night, along with Trackmania Sunrise (how’s that for extremes?). I only had time for a quick race with the Mini around Mondello, and most of that was just getting used to its slowness and loose handling, but it was still a blast. It was a little annoying how you only have the really, really short courses available at first, but hopefully it won’t take too much effort to start unlocking the others.

And woohoo, thanks to the earlier Euro release, there are a bunch of add-on tracks out already! No (legit) new cars yet since the necessary data files haven’t officially been released yet, but I consider those secondary to the tracks anyway.

There’s a cheat available which unlocks all of the cars and tracks if you’d prefer not to have to complete all of the cup races.

If you think the GT350’s handling is bad, do the test drive and select the Shelby Cobra.

“The 'Force will be with you… always.”