GTA gameplay reminds me of

… the Sim Copter and Sim Driving game. They weren’t too bad (sometimes buggy) and I think somebody should something like it… something less testosterone than GTA but updated.

Dontcha think that would be far out?


No … I like my death, destruction, and mayhem just the way it is in GTA3. :wink:

GTA is an interactive Richard Scarry’s So Much To See and Destroy or Busy Busy World of Hookers, Dealers, Stumblebums, and Gang Bangers. That’s what makes it so special!

I;m having like the most impossible time getting ahold of Vice City. Sickens me to the core. Yeah!

Uh, 8$ shipping and you get it the very next day! AMAZING!

I’m not sure if the valley girl semantics along with the typo is sko super forum sarcasm notice, but if not, try calling a Target or Toys R Us or similar store around you. Unless there was some shipping mistake where every copy of Vice City was accidently sent here to Chicago, it shouldn’t take too long to find one. Stores here have hundreds of copies sitting around.

See, no stores around here have copies. Clerks at every place I go to say, “Yeah, we had some. They’re all gone now. Wait another two weeks and we’ll have some more.” Edmonton sucks for games.

Hah. Canada.

The Seattle area seems to be the same way as Edmonton.

I just got back from EB this morning, having purchased a copy of Amerizone for $5 out of the bargain bin (for after I finish Syberia). The dude there said that Sacramento was the highest seller of GTA3:VC copies in all the EBs so they received, today, the bulk of what the stores could get their hands on. It’s funny because some customer asked if they had it and after telling this story, nearly everyone int he store was asking for a copy. Good times.