GTA IV glitches

Anyone seen this video compilation yet? Man, I thought they’d have stuff like this worked out after 3 1/2 year and $100 million.

Large games require a lot of work to test I’m sure :) But yeah most of those require a bit of effort to replicate and they’re not really game-breaking. Sure if you fall through the world during a tough mission you’ll be ticked but I haven’t heard of that happening to many people.

There’s the “jam during cut-scenes” bug too though but supposedly it can be fixed and I guess there’s a patch coming for it. That’s what’s great about being able to connect online. I just hope developers don’t make a habit of releasing half-assed games thinking “we’ll just patch them later”. But that’s a whole other conversation. Not that GTAIV is THAT buggy though.

One thing I was surprised to see, given the supposed ground-up rebuild of the game, is that they use the same car-spawning algorithms as in previous games. Cars will still spawn in dead-ends behind you, and you are still likely to see lots of the same car as the one you’re driving. i was kinda hoping to see that sort of stuff cleaned up this time.

I had the whole world dissapear on me once while playing pool with Michelle. the only thing I could see was water. I just exited out of the mini game and the world came back.

Also there is an underpass near the helitour docks that every time I go speeding under it the game glitches for a second. Like a small lag.

Agreed, and traffic overall is probably the biggest weakness of the “world” in GTA (as opposed to a weakness of the gameplay in GTA, like the driving while shooting mechanic or something). In addition to the spawning issues, traffic is still painfully sparse for something approximating NYC (and combined with the spawning issues provides for strange “clouds” of traffic as it spawns a lot of cars in the distance, you pass through them, and then you’re on open highway for a block or two till it spawns the next cloud. This is most noticeable on long straight drives, like the bridges), and it still behaves in weird ways at intersections, with lane changes, in response to fender benders, etc. It does enough right that it can pull off some cool scenes when everything comes together, but most of the time as you’re traveling there’s at least some relatively glaring oddity about the traffic around you, and it’s really all the same problems we’ve seen since GTA3.

Considering most of the bugs shown are in multiplayer, and are physics related, I’m not surprised.

Yeah, physics and multiplayer add up to a wonderful nightmare. The fact that it works at all is a credit to RockStar.

You can actually address this in multiplayer. The default for multiplayer is to have “medium” traffic and medium pedestrians. And that’s about the same amount as single player. However, in multiplayer you can change that to “High” and it feels a lot more like the amount of traffic and pedestrians that should be there.

However, I did notice a big performance hit when we had both settings on high. A lot more hiccups in the framerate, that sort of thing. So I’m not surprised that they lowered the traffic and pedestrians in single player to medium.

I’ve yet to encounter any severe glitch in GTA4, as opposed to Saint’s Row wherein (mind you this is the patched version) the first hour I managed to fall through an overpass.

For the parts with the vehicles spinning on their sides, they really needed the “Wooooop woopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop wooop woop woopwoopwoop” sound effect.

For some reason, I’m not getting the correct aiming reticle. All I get is a tiny white dot about the size of a pixel that is almost impossible to see. (I didn’t even know there was an aiming reticle until I bitched to Bauman about it.)

Playing on a Samsung HDTV with an HDMI cable and as far as I know, everything is set up properly. (I checked again last night.) Anyone else experience this?

You mean that keeps happening? It’s been that way from the start? That’s really odd. No, that’s not happening to me. I see a circle around it. Do you get the health indicators when you lock on, William?

I’ve had the little dot come up, but only when pointing to something really close.

Health indicators? You mean something that shows how much health an enemy has? If so, no.

The game has always been like this. I’ve never had the circle or the indicators.

What is your aiming style set to under the options?

I have a glitch happening with Carmen, I have her rating to the point that I have the option for the health boost, yet when I call her for it and she gives me the whole speech, my health doesn’t come back. This seems to happen only when I’m on mission that it doesn’t work.

Also the other day Brucie got stuck in an infinite loop trying to enter a strip club, he kept on opening the door at an angle that he couldn’t get thru it and the door kept closing. I had to push him out of the way to get him unstuck.

Michelle’s been pissed at me for about a week game time. I think its because I chose not to “try my luck” on our last date. Is this a glitch? When that ho gonna cool down?

Carmen is a lying whore. I doubt she’s even a nurse.


Keep playing missions and she’ll eventually calm down.

I went on a man-date with Roman (to the bowling alley) and when we were done he said something about going home, but somehow on the way home the mission completion marker disappeared. I had to kill us both and reload, alas.