GTA IV previews (2/28/08)

copied from gaf:

loooks uh…pretty good. IGN apparently was the only one to see the ps3 version, says they’re about the same. Rockstar claims 100+ hours gameplay if you do all the side misssions

Damn they are still doing left trigger to lock on to nearest target, huh? Sounds like they didn’t fix aiming after all.

JUST COPY SAINT’S ROW YOU IDIOTS. Or Rainbow Six. Or GRAW. Or any other shooter. Lock on to nearest enemy does NOT make good shooting!

Can’t be right. They were touting revamped combat system with cover a la Gears, at some point. Surely they realize their combat sucks by now?

Edit: Or not.

"When you target an NPC, with a gun or your fists, you’ll be zeroed in on that person, and able to switch targets with a flick of the right stick. "


Edit edit: “Of course, things go south, and the mission showcases the ease of the new shooting system, which lets you manually target by half-pressing the aim button”

Ok, I’m officially confused. Let’s see some videos :P

Looks awesome, fuck the haters.

1up and Gamespy also played the PS3 version and mentioned no issues.

I’m super pumped for this game.

What’s so great about Saint’s Row? I played a little of it before getting side tracked with Crackdown, and it sucks to not have any lockon at all. Manually aim with the stick over someone? Ugh.

Let me think of good shooters that don’t have lockon . . . hmm. All of them.

Crackdown has lock on. THUS I REFUTE THEE, ELGUAPO!

It sounds like the GTA4 shooting system is like crackdown’s, which worked really well. Plus there is at least some rudimentary cover system as well. It sounds ok to me.

Yeah but Crackdown was about over the top killing hundreds of targets action. It was a little cartoony in presentation, on purpose. I guess if that’s the vibe GTAIV is going for.

Anyway, doesn’t matter, I’ll buy it on Day 1 and the targeting system is in place and won’t be changed so it’s moot, really.

I think GTA should stay away from the blow everything up to finish a mission tact. Go more with being able to finish a mission multiple ways.

Here are some bullet points off of a couple GTA fansites (,, for those unwilling to sift through all that text:

  • Once you die and end up in hospital, you receive a text on your phone offering you to retry the mission.

  • Only one island (Broker/Dukes) is unlocked to begin with. The other areas are blocked with police blockades. The second area (Bohan) will open up “sooner than it has in previous GTAs.”

  • Vehicle GPS systems will show you the path to take in order to reach your objective. The path will be recalculated if you go off course. Fancier cars have voice navigation.

  • “In reaction to the crash, a lady bystander started cursing out the two men as they got out of the car, at which point the passenger drew a weapon and gunned the lady down—to the genuine surprise of all those viewing the gameplay.”

  • The 360 build is brighter and has slightly more vibrant color while the PS3 build has less aliasing issues.

  • There are eighteen radio stations in total. One is called The Vibe, which is RNB and soul. The other genres on offer include funk, reggae, jazz, dance, modern Jamaican, pop, hardcore, hip hop and a specific Eastern European station.

The lock on sounds a little GUN ish, which was okay (that was Rockstar wasn’t it?).

I’ve been playing a bit of Scarface lately and its lock-on works pretty good for facing off against hordes of enemies.

But, like Guap sez, day one purchase in any event.

Crackdown’s not a shooter though. It’s a superjump + HulkPunch sim.

For whatever reason I almost always restarted every GTA any time I mission failed or died rather than go to jail/hospital. If you caught it at the right time it was faster to do it this way anyway. Will this be prevented and/or less necessary with IV?

and a specific Eastern European station.

What the hell does this mean? Gypsy Jazz? Indie/Punk/Gypsy hybrids like Devotchka, Golgol Bordello and Beirut? Just all Romanian DJs?

Russian rock and roll.

what? no, gun was potential wrapped in ass, it was the tony hawk folks I think, totally NOT r* quality.

the only great thing about gun was the rubber severed ears at e3.

Sorry, should have clarified, the shooting in Gun was okay. Had sort of a bullet time thing where you could quickly flick between enemies.

Yeah, Neversoft, thanks.

Everything I’ve seen in these previews makes me less interested in GTA IV. They’re introducing a “hotwiring mechanic”, which basically just makes getting into a car more annoying, they’re removing all the taxi, ambulance and other random missions because they were “unrealistic” and replacing them with what sounds like scripted side missions. Overall, less “do what you want” and more “do what you’re told”. Which is sad, because it just seems like Rockstar have no idea what made GTA III a great game.