GTA IV simultaneous launch for PS3 and 360

Wow. Sony is looking more and more boned all the time. One less reason to bother with a PS3.

This takes away some of the PS3’s momentum and will probably move some fence-sitters to the available-right-now 360.

The only exclusive PS3 game I’m really interested in so far is the Ratchet and Clank sequel, and I’ll bet that’s coming out more than a year from launch, judging from the lack of hype/previews.

Also, the 360 version is apparently going to get content updates via the Xbox Marketplace

Sounds good to me, except that Rockstar North filled up a dual-layer DVD with San Andreas. Admittedly they can use better compression schemes on more powerful hardware, but I think they’re going to have trouble cramming a next-gen city onto a DVD.

It would suck if for the Xbox 360 version they had, say, half the radio stations on one disc and half on another :)

Hello? PC version please?

Hot Coffee Armor?

SA was going to be dual-layer, but I’m pretty sure they managed to cram it all on a single-layer disc by the time it actually came out.

I dont exactly get why there cannot be like 2 install disks and a play disk if they need storage space. Fuck the tard pack buyers, they’d upgrade for gta.

Installs? Less PC gaming in my consoles please, kthx.

I’m pretty sure that was just the PC version, which used better compression schemes and …

… could be installed.

Didn’t think of that, yeah. Cool.

More plz. I just want a subsidized gaming pc. KB/mouse would top it off.

Anyways- why would you be against ‘installing’ a game like this? console games already come on multiple disks, whats the problem with, you know, not having to swap disks during gameplay, ever? You LIKE doing that?

If the alternative is comrpession out the wazoo, no thanks, because then we get fucked up textures that make it look like mid 90s fmvs in 16 bit color.

No, the ps2 version was single layer, I remember checking at the time.

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt Sony.

Just checked the disc and it’s 4.19 GB. So yeah, single-layer.

I like buying a game and playing it within a minute of putting it in the console.

I still like PC games but I have to admit I’ve burned out on “take X minutes to install, check to make sure drivers up to date, mess with system config before starting a game, check to ensure FPS is up to snuff before continuing, repeat config if not, ensure game is fully patched, etc”. Just doesn’t appeal to me much anymore. These days, if it’s available on console and PC and the difference isn’t appreciable, I’ll go with console every time.

And I’m damn worried that consoles are getting closer and closer to PC games and game installs would be another step on that ladder. Hell, I already run Tomb Raider Legend in 480p for the 360 just because it has a substanitally better framerate than 1080i which is a decidedly PC type of thing to do.

And multiple disk console games are the vast minority in the past generation. It was only the PS1 that saw a veritable horde of them.

Installing games on the console is a great thing.

At least on the original xbox. buy a game, insert the dvd, rip it to the hard drive, store dvd with the other games, launch xbox - scroll down list of games, pick game, play.