GTA IV - the gift that keeps on givin'

Some gta 4 mods:

join an unsanctioned desert race on your sweet riced up ride (Ambush Canyon race track from NFS Shift):

carjack a Jet Fighter:

fly to the moon in a spaceship:

if you wanna be batman…

go offroading in the (red dead redemption) desert:

hulk out in the city:

or take the iron man suit for a joyride:

coming soon! vice city remake within gta 4:

forgot these.

next gen open world game graphics preview, right here in gta 4

zombie apocalypse

Still a hassle to mod and play on the PC though,

But the startup is much quicker at least…

Normal: Launch Steam, click play, click Play online in Social CLub, Wait, Click Login in GFWL, wait, done.
Modded: Launch GTA4Launcher, click Play offline on Social Club, Done. Just a shame the Icehancer for 1.07 isn’t fully kosher (from what I’ve read) so you have to degrade to 1.04

VICE City should be fun. Haven’t completed it on my PS2 yet , maybe about time.

true, all of these mods overwrite game data. If you don’t like the mod, how do you revert back? Reinstall the game…
Not to mention the amount of work needed to get the graphical mods to run on even relatively high end systems (I’m talking core i5s with gtx580s or gtx670s here).
I have 45GBs in backed up GTA 4 versions on my PC.

Still, you’re getting a lot for the effort you put in.

My RevoDrive only had room for 1 GTA, so I’ll just use the Steam “repair” function if it goes all wrong. Think I’ll just stick to the v1.04 retro with Ice - even if it doesn’t look much better…
Shame ENB for 1.07 was so broke.

Maybe I could go 1.07 and try SweetFX?

I just stick with enb and 1.04
looks good enough to me (my own gameplay footage):