GTA IV Trailer

Looks like we’re less than an hour away from seeing the GTA IV trailer…

This may be a better link…

Not sure it is brother… especially since I can’t seem to load it. I think a lot of people are hitting that site right now.

This qt3 thread will not be complete without some wise ass saying “I don’t see why anyone would care about GTA enough to count down the hours until the release of a trailer”. Today, I am that wise ass.

Seriously, watching the clock for a trailer?

I am shocked how excited I am. I haven’t given this game a single moment’s thought in the last year, but I’m really looking forward to seeing whatever it is we’re going to see.

Oh, and I was able to load the Rockstar site – it just took a couple of tries.

I think XBL Marketplace will have this up in 40 mins. Don’t hold me to that though.

The fact that there are 46 pages of GAF comments about this trailer that ISN’T EVEN OUT YET really speaks to the fact that GTA is still an incredibly powerful brand. I know I’m counting the minutes, myself. :)

The story thus far:

I’m not watching the clock, but I am pretty excited for the trailer. Can’t wait to see what Rockstar has planned!

Seriously. Many people seem to assume that GTA IV will be another incremental improvement, because the last four GTA games have been. People have posted, re Saints Row and Crackdown, that Rockstar North would do well to learn from the usability improvements these games made.

I think, though, there’s a pretty decent chance that GTA IV will be another enormous, stunning leap, like GTA III was. That it’ll make the games cribbing ideas from previous GTA games look primitive, just like GTA III did.

Here’s hoping. We’ll know in 45 minutes.

I’m hoping for the enormous, stunning leap. Either way I’ll probably be happy, though.

Good breakdown Jim, now I’m a little excited too. Minds, prepare to be blown!

If minds aren’t blow, prepare for TT stocks to take a dive tomorrow.

Not watching the clock. But I will check back in 20 minutes when the trailer is up. I’m very curious as to how it looks.

If it doesn’t take place in either Baghdad or Azeroth, I will be disappointed.

Anyone else kind of hoping for a TDU-ish ‘open world’ where you can run across a subset of the other people playing? (With filters, of course.) It might be too difficult to balance missions for anything beyond Crackdown-style coop, though.

Is this the reaction you are looking for?

I’m hoping no multiplayer what so ever.

Hmmm … no … More like this

ok, its under a minute. I fully expect the web to crash.

The HD trailer weighs roughly 70 MB.


Yeah, now the hidden 15 minute timer starts to try and actually see the trailer!