Gta: lc

Rumor is this title has started shipping to the distribution points. I know I cant be the only one that has a pre order down for this bad boy. Is anyone else waiting for the PSP’s “Killer App”?

Also it appears that X-Men legends shipped but that’s another story.

I put $20 down on that bad boy.

Can’t f-ing wait.

Already paid for, hoping it shows up before I take my next trip a week from tomorrow. PSP’s make airports better.

Cant wait

Looking forward to it.

Pass. I’m just sick of GTA games.

In Liberty City, GTA is sick of YOU.

Then it rapes you, runs you over, and steals your money.

Definitely picking up the GTA game for the PSP - probably the game I’ll play the most. But a Q about X-men Legends 2 – even though I passed on it for the Cube, I might pick it up for the PSP if it isn’t a really compromised version - anyone know?

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects was made just a couple of cubicle rows over from where I sit right now. My understanding is that it shares very little with the console version – I don’t know whether you’d consider that “compromised” or not. A fun beat 'em up that’s not too deep. I’d suggest you read some reviews to see if it’s your kind of thing.

Think he’s talking about X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse which apparently has more characters, more levels and infrastructure online mode for PSP. Haven’t played it yet though.

after 1 night of play the xmen game seems exactly the same as the console with 2 exceptions:

graphics slightly worse
load times slightly longer

Yeah, I was talking about this one. I have the original for the gamecube, but suspect I’d actually get more use out of a portable version, so if the sequel is pretty decent on the PSP (sounds like it), that’s likly one I’ll pick up.

It has multiplayer!!!


Re: Load times.

“Well, the initial load will be about 20 seconds, and then loading times when you’re moving from one city or island to the next will be about 12-14 seconds,” says Rockstar.

Wow that article is like friggin glowing.

Kicks the shit out of Midnight Club 3.

Didn’t it ship today? How come there are no reviews out for it yet? I would have thought that a heavy hitter like this one would be getting more press.

yeah, I’m picking mine up after work. I’m gonna write it up for somewhere I’m sure.

Yeah I guess I will be getting my copy tomorrow… I am not all that jazzed with spending 49.99 on a portable but it is prolly good.

Also the no reviews thing does not make me all that much more happy to just throw down the money for it.

1-up has a review. GTA: LCS got a 90%