GTA: Long Night Mod

Anyone play this mod for Vice City? Long Night mods the game to be like a Zombie horror movie. I’m just trying to decide if its worth reinstalling Vice city to play this mod.

=0 that sounds awsome.

Dude! Link? Dude.

Yeah, that does sound awesome.


I was kind of thinking that too. I looked around for it but only found download places, no info.

I don’t think they ever published a webpage, and just worked out of


Looks awesome.

There are a bunch of other links to download it at the GTA Forums link above, for those who dislike Fileplanet’s Active X shenanigans.

Here’s some features:

-New Storyline
-Over 20 original full missions
-Over half a dozen playable characters
-New Radio Stations
-New Particle Effects
-Numerous weapon tweaks (including the ability to carry all heavy weapons simultaneously)
-New Gameplay elements (Zombies, plotlines, bomb dropping airplanes)
-New and improved zombie spawning system
-25 Unique Zombies

Trailer here:

I’m sad i wanted to make this game

Not owning a GTA for PC, I’m curious… is it built on a standard engine? Are there at least passable mod tools? Or is this being modded by the modern day equivalent of hacking .wad files?

I installed this on my machine and messed around with it for a bit, but came away rather unimpressed. For one thing, I found it WAAAY too dark-- the mod opens in a freakin’ downpour to boot.


There’s no exposition at all-- you’re just a guy who has to drive a tank from the Army base near the airport to the radio station near the stadium, running over scores of zombies all the way. Well, it takes easily 10 minutes to do that, then as soon as you walk into the radio station there’s a dude in there who blows you away with a shotgun, and you have to start the level over again-- hey thanks for warning me there might be a dude in there, mod authors, and for not letting me save before that happened. If you manage to kill the guy in the radio station before he kills you, and grab the thing you came for, you step back outside the radio station and another dude with a shotgun blows you away if you’re not extra careful, plus the tank you rode to the station on has been driven away, and now what the hell are you going to use for a ride, what with thirty or forty zombies making a beeline for your brains? After going through the opening bit about 5 times and getting killed before having an opportunity to save, I said screw this–life’s too freakin’ short. If the engine supported save-anywhere, it might be worth seeing the rest of this.

Thanks for taking the bullet, Papageno.

Yet another mod maker breaks my heart by having a great idea without the finesse to actually realize it…