GTA Online: Heists on XBox One

I’ve been playing some GTA Online lately and realized I never really did any of the heists they released. Plus, there is a ton more content online now including random events and some VIP protection thing.

This game is notoriously buggy when it comes to multiplayer, but I’d like to see that content. Anyone want to play through all the heists in order? It takes 4 people, and as the tombstone says, No Les No More. I’m ELGUAPODC on XBox Live, I have the One edition.

I have a PS4, but if I had an Xbox one I’d have happily done them with you. They’re a ton of fun, and just amazing. But as you may have noticed you want a good dedicated team as opposed to a bunch of random’s. You can get through it with random’s but not as fun.

There are some fun recent GTA Onlive (PC) yogscast streams that have sold me. Mac trucks vs bicycles? Hell yes, I’m in.