GTA Online steps ever closer to becoming a gravitational singularity

It won’t be long before GTA Online adds passable Choplifter or Hello Kitty Island Adventure games.

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Now suddenly I’m envisioning a future where games don’t come out for consoles or PCs or VR. They come out on GTA V Online.

Are they even going to make GTA VI? The only thing I liked about the game was the story coupled with open world. Online stuff -bleh

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if GTA VI were an update of GTA Online, given how much the game takes in for them. It would also be where I part ways with GTA.

I think we’ll some interesting developments with RDR2 and its online modes.

Aw, now that would hurt if RDR2 had no or limited single player content.

Who even wants this? GTA 5’s multiplayer is such a disastrous shit show I have no faith in Rockstar to make anything online that I want to play. It’s not that hard. Let me run around in the game world with friends, or join public servers. I don’t need all this stupid pointless matchmaking and joining a different server for every single mission and no one ever being online to play the mission you need to advance and all that crap. Also, how is the net code STILL THIS BAD after so long??? Last time I tried to play it, I jumped in a chopper with a friend and we were rubber banding around everywhere. It’s amateur hour. I still can’t believe it’s that bad. WTF?

The multiplayer mod that someone made like, ten years ago for GTA: SA got it right. They were going to make a GTA IV and V version but Rockstar shut them down. So they could make this abortion of a multiplayer mode instead. Thanks, jerks.

This! Please! All I wanted was to run around with a friend or two. I’ve never seem a system so cumbersome and annoying!

My thoughts almost exactly.

When I first saw this I got so excited that there was going to be a new Smuggler’s Run! Still looks pretty cool, but man Smuggler’s Run 2 was an addictive game.

Has anyone tried the new Motor Wars mode? Supposedly it’s like a PUBG/Battle Royale type game mode.

Man! I got all kinds of excited for this until I realized it will need to be played on public lobbies like the others. Damn, screw that.