GTA: SA Co-Op?

I just read that GTA: SA suppousively had a co-op mode. I think its great that more high-profile titles are using co-op, as I am a major fan of even just split-screen co-op modes.

“OPM confirmed the co-op feature, and revealed that 2 player rampages are possible. There are also many other 2-player activies in the game (Rampages come in two forms, on-foot, or in a car). We are also told that during 2-play, the screen is not split.”

Not sure exactly what that means… but it sounds fun. :)
I don’t have a PS2 myself, so I’ll have to wait till it comes to Xbox or PC.

Anyways, what do you think about this? Do you think we’ll see more high-profile titles starting to release co-op modes in the future?

Controlling the ducks in Duck Hunt will never be topped in coop.

Controlling the ghosts in PacMan Vs. is pretty good, too.

Co-op GTA sounds very cool.

'Tis true.

Geez, now there’s a pool game in GTA too?

I was wondering if they will do animals and hunting. At this point I’m more likely to believe anything I hear about this game until I hear otherwise.

Space ship, underground-drilling-journey-to-the-center-of-earth thingy, underwater rig with sea monster? Who knows?

“It’s true, GTA SA has a 2 player option. With 2 players, you can drive around together or just go around the city and gangbang.You cant play any missions, but it sure is fun. Just remember you heard it first from GTA_Theif.”

Haha. What a retard. It’s cool that there’s a 2 player mode, though. This game is going to be awesome. They seem to be fixing everything that was broken and adding every little piece of awesome that they can. Commendable.

damn you. I was planning on waiting for the xbox version of this game… now I’m reconsidering.

I heard you can plant an acorn in the begining of GTA:SA and watch it grow into a tree over the course of the game!