GTA: SA the best PS2 game yet?

So says IGN, with a 9.9/10.

GameSpot gives it 9.6/10.

It begins!

And now I’m off to see for myself. Just snagged it at EB, many stores started selling it at 7PM.

IGN gave it a 9.9 in a review that’s only 6 pages. Their restraint and brievity are inspiring. I was sure they were finally going to rate something an 11 with a 40 page review with sections featuring every editor and intern that ever worked for them.

I’m still hoping they’ll pull through for Halo 2. Hang in there guys!!


This IGN review is terrible.

it’s the first game I can ever remember that asks its players to wonder “What can’t you do” as opposed to “What can you?”

Heh, the funny thing is they probably do feel it’s succint, not having a single unecessary word.

Haven’t they had a few 8 page reviews? Best PS2 game evar? Golly, it should be 16 pages at least!

If I can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich and force feed it to hookers, it’s going to be returned.


In fact, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has probably the best narrative of any of the three PS2 GTAs far.


Isn’t IGN the site that had a reviewer that mixed up first and third person perspectives?

Making the trip even more jaw dropping is the fact that the entire state of San Andreas streams entirely off the disc – with no loading screens to be found except for when transitioning to the indoors or when activating missions at a key point. Even then, the waiting time tops off at about five to six seconds before starting again which is comparable to the period typically found in other action titles for the system. And though Vice City worked on the same technology, the number of framerate hitches and pop-in issues are much lower here than they were before. Granted, you will run into some slowdown and a few bizarre glitch moments when the screen is populated with car crash casualties, but as I mentioned earlier, the frequency at which the appears is more than forgivable when compared to how smoothly the game usually runs

Isn’t IGN the site that had a reviewer that mixed up first and third person perspectives?[/quote]


Oddly enough, most of the things the review actually points to as good points are also in Fable.

Lowriding? Oh hell yes. Is there a lowriding monster truck? If so, I will never play another game again.

I picked it up just after 7pm at a local EB, after hearing that they were lettting it out the door this evening.

I hadn’t preordered, but the EB I went to had a full shelf display of copies for those of us who hadn’t bothered. The store was also open late (it normally should have closed at 6pm) and filled with adoring fans either: a) picking up their copies or b) drooling over the game at various PS2 stations set up in the store.

I hope they do the same thing for Halo 2, it’s nice having an extra evening to play it sooner.

Off I go to try to generate the fattest gangsta to ever walk the 'hood. Exercise? That’s for punks. I’m going to eat pizza all day and crack some heads with my giant, fleshy arms. Finally, a game that lets me be as obese as I want to be… Happy, happy, joy, joy!


Wow, it streams the entire state of San Andreas? And the loading times are so small that they’re just like other games? Sign me up!

I have no clue about it being the best game on the PS2 so far, but after about 4 hours I’m enjoying it as much as any other GTA3 game I’ve played. The story is involving, the voice acting is solid, the game world is simply huge, the eclectic mix of music and the talk radio palaver is simply superb, there’s a lot of humor, etc.

The only thing I’ve noticed in the small bit of the game I’ve completed so far (only 5% according to the stats) is that there doesn’t seem to be as much to collect. There aren’t any rampages that I’ve found, and none of those mysterious packages that would replenish your ammo. There are the usual jumps and 100 tags to find, but it seem so far that there is less collecting.

Also, I haven’t been immediately impressed with the more mundane stuff like hair cuts, tatoos, eating, and working out. It just strikes me as busy work. However, this is just 4 hours of what will likely be a 30 hour experience.

Jim, the less collecting the better… I’m so tired of that play mechanic in these games… damn Mario 64 for starting that.

I might have to throw this baby on the list and then get the Xbox version later… Then again, I’ll just play Halo 2 and the ton of other games that I have an wait til next year for GTA:SA Xbox.

I must be missing some essential protein or something, because I never liked the last 2 GTA games. Not beyond a bunch of people sitting around and taking turns seeing what kind of monster jumps they can get.

I understand why other people love it so much, though, and frankly I’m baffled as to why I don’t. They just never held my attention for long. Oh well, more for the rest of you.

I’ve hated them because Rockstar refuses to alte the core gameplay in any way. GTA3 is exactly the same as the first GTA, but in 3d.

I’ve hated them because Rockstar refuses to alte the core gameplay in any way. GTA3 is exactly the same as the first GTA, but in 3d.[/quote]

Personally that is part of what I loved about GTA3. I was scared they were gonna change the core gameplay when they made the jump to 3D. It was basically everything I had hoped a 3D version would be plus a helluva lotta stuff I didn’t expect.

If the core gameplay is changed then why call it a sequel? Taking GTA1 and making it 3D was the wisest decision Rockstar could make. I luv 'em for it. edit: what hanji said.

I feel the same way. I played GTA 1 and 2 to death, but put only about 10 hours into GTA 3 before getting bored. I bought GTA:VC a while ago just because it was dirt cheap, but haven’t had the urge to even open the box yet. If every site will give glowing reviews for San Andreas I might pick it up too, but not until the price drops to $20 or so.