GTA: Vice City Install Problem

I just got GTA:VC for my PC yesterday. When I try to install it, I get a CRC failure when it is opening I have tried manually opening the file (and and get corrupt archive errors.

I checked the tech support page, and it sounds like it might be a SafeDisc error. I have a Plextor 2448A CD-RW drive. CD firmware is the latest available, v1.04. FWIW, mobo is an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, with XP 1800+, 512 MB DDR2700, GeForce3 Ti200, WD800JB Hard Drive with 25GB free. OS is XP Pro. I haven’t been having problems with any other games. I have tried downloading the WinXP SafeDisc fix (both the file hosted at Macrovision and the one at Microsoft).

Has anyone else encountered this problem with GTA? Or with these copy-protection schemes? This is my first time ever with an issue - now I’m regetting getting rid of my 4+ year old Compaq DVD drive.

I had a problem installing Planetside the other day and got a CRC error. Look at the disc itself and see if there are physical problems with the disc. It took till the third box to get a good set for me.

I had a problem this morning (see my Wizardry 8 thread) that is definately a SafeDisc problem. I wish I had left my 6X DVD-ROM player in my machine. I may do that anyway just in case.

Best of luck on getting it installed. I may pick up GTAIII since Best Buy has it for $20 this week.