GTA Virginia

Washington Post article on bait cars used to catch car thieves in the D.C. area. Not that interesting, except this paragraph caught my attention:

So important tip: don’t jerk off and drink your own piss in a car you’ve stolen, because you never know who’s watching.

hmm if I had my car stolen im not sure I’d want it back if the theif did something like that.

He had spent part of his ride urinating in a soda can, then drinking his urine to try to quell a case of the hiccups.

Does that work?

You know I’ve had the Hiccups so bad a few times that I’d prolly actually try that.

You know, if this is how DC car thieves actually operate, I am extremely happy I never got my stolen van back…

I’m pretty sure my mom crocheted this on a pillow for me when I went to college.

Shit: that was you?

My bad, man - ummm, sorry about the mess.

No problem. That’s what I get for leaving it in my car.