GTA4 - Initial Impressions (Spoiler McSpoilersons) thread

Here’s where GTA4 spoilers go.

I don’t have any spoilers yet, because I don’t have the game yet.
I’m a law-abiding citizen in real life, you know, and the game isn’t out yet.


It has cars and gunz


People sometimes hold on to the car door after you jack it from them.

I dont mean to be a giant curmudgeon. But I have always wondered why people start threads like this. Whats the point of starting a spoiler thread if you dont have a review to post?

Is it the glory of getting the first post in the thread?

Is it to make life easier for those that do have reviews so they dont have to go through the work of creating a thread?

Do you create the thread in order to coax people into posting impressions when they get the game?

Or is it just a natural part of of the pre-release excitement of an upcoming big game?

Im not being dificult, I honestly dont understand (and I dont mean to highlight this specific thread, I see it for every major release which is part of what makes me wonder).

To make sure spoilers stay out of other threads. It’s justified because there are now a ton of potentially spoilerific videos out there that someone might want to discuss. I suppose the street date conceivably could also be broken somewhere in the world within the next week. Besides, it’s gotta be started sometime. What better place then here, what better time then now?

GoneGold strikes again!

I don’t really get it either, but it gives me another opportunity to showcase my idiocy.

I’ll check this thread out in a month.

The real question is, how long will it be before people start demanding there be a GTA4 forum because of all the threads.

I hope this departure from the previous entries in the series doesn’t backfire.

I gotta review. This is because I’m in China, and there are no street dates here. I dont’ know; maybe I should have said “this is China” with lots of pausing and exclamation points, like in 300. References to that movie are still funny, right?

Anyhow, I would rate GTA 4 exactly one point lower than I’d rate Saints Row, my second favorite GTA-style game. First, all the cars handle like hovercraft with rubbery suspension. I didn’t even know physics would allow that. Second, the main character has a really nasally voice, which I find kind of grating. Third, there’s a long, extremely boring cutscene at the beginning where guys talk and talk and talk about stuff I didn’t do, so I don’t care. The first mission involves driving about fifteen feet. The second involves driving about twenty feet, and then staying in the car while answering the phone and watching the street. I seem to recall that I was beating up eight guys and then shooting people by this time in Saints Row.

For the rest, I’ll first say that I never played San Andreas, so I don’t know if any of this applies there. But I don’t understand why Rockstar can’t adapt some of the basic gameplay and interface features that Saints Row had, what, two years ago? There is at least a GPS that gives you a route to your destination, but unlike Saints Row’s, it takes forever to update if I miss a turn, which I do a lot because I’m not good with the cars yet. When next I play, I’m going to fail a mission on purpose to see if Rockstar is using the old, terrible system from the previous GTAs, or the new, convenient system from Saints Row. Some things are needlessly gamey. Why do I have to hold down a button to run, when we’ve got these fancy-schmancy analogue sticks so we can moderate our speed? Why do I have to tap that running button to sprint? Why do I even have the option of pulling triggers to make hotwiring faster? I want to jump in a car and go. Even buying clothes is tedious, involving walking from shelf to shelf and reading labels, instead of just scrolling through options and changing tabs.

Finally, there’s the bog-standard contrived nonsense about bridges being closed so you’re stuck in the starting location. Do we really need this? What’s the point of an exploration, open world game with two thirds of the world off limits at the beginning? I’m kind of tired of this, and I seem to recall that Saints Row didn’t do it.

It sure is pretty, though. Also, I played for a couple of hours and never really wanted to stop; it’s definitely not a bad game, by any means. So, because it seems to do everything–except being pretty–just slightly worse than Saints Row, I give it Saints Row -1. Oh and hand-to-hand combat seems much improved, with dodging and disarming, and multiple attacks. In conclusion GTA 4 is a land of contrasts.

this is the line that kept me from completely hating the review.

See, I figured it’d be a crappy review, so I threw that line in to save it. Man. Glad that worked!

I’ve put a few hours in now, and it really is an amazing looking game. I like all the tweaks to the mechanics too. Haven’t tried multiplayer yet.

I’m not saying I disagree with you, but if you’re getting to the point where this is a big issue, it’s time to stop drinking the haterade ;)

I dont like FPS games, especially not on a console. Im pretty much a TBS and RPG kinda player. I’ve owned most of the GTA games, but for me they are a good 15-30 minutes of fun. Then I get tired of them and move on to something else.

Not that I dont like the games. Its just that they get boring. I can only run around wild for so long and the missions were either to difficult for me (im no good with console controls, especially aiming) or just dull.

I just put in a little over 2 hours on GTA4. And Im forcing myself to put it down to go get some sleep. Im just starting but so far I am really loving this game. It has the fun of the other GTA games, but it has fixed every problem I had with them. The characters and story are so much more interesting that I want to do the missions to see what happens next. Nikko seems like a real person rather than my avatar so I really feel for him and want to get some nice clothes to travel around in style, I know that option was in other games as well but I never really cared. Most importantly the cover and targeting system makes the fighting stuff fun, instead of an exercise in futility.

All and all, I cant wait to get up tomorrow and keep playing. So far its been an incredible game and there is so much more I am looking forward to doing.

Bitches love initials!

I wish Roman’s car wasn’t utterly horrible, since he’s constantly making me drive it.

So far every GTA4 impressions/spoilers/launch thread has been a collection of “I’m too old to appreciate this” posts. Probably because the young at heart are too busy playing the game.

In summary, listen to Kael, not Knickerbocker. Saints Row is NOT better than GTA4. Saints Row 2…well, that may be a different competition.

Am I the only one who can’t understand the Rhasafarian? I understand maybe 25% of what he says.