GTA4 - Initial Impressions (Spoiler McSpoilersons) thread

I dont know what’s funnier Baz in the game or Baz in real life

And Republican Space Rangers, I so need that DVD.


how do I pick up a pigeon? Found a bird with a red circle around him like a weapon but cant use it.

One thing I really wished they had ripped off from Crackdown is the ability to auto-target parts of vehicles. One of the most fun things in that game was to hang out by some place with cars whipping by, shooting out their tires and watching them careen out of control

Be a gentleman, open the door for it, that sort of thing.

lol, no really.

Shoot it, molotov it, whatever. You kill them.

I am playing the 360 version (about 4 hours now) and so far I am not getting the hype.

The graphics would be cool-looking if they were not blurred all to hell past about 30 feet. I get eyestrain just looking at the screen. The game tries to do a lot of things, but the interfaces for them are usually bad (because they defocused their effort on all these things). For example, I felt the melee interface was terrible; it’s very unresponsive to things you are trying to do, and doesn’t really give you any hints with regard to timing. It didn’t help that I had to replay the early melee mission 5 or 6 times because of stupid fails (like, hey, I am walking down this tunnel to get this molotov cocktail I saw… oh, I guess I went 10 feet too far away from the car, it says the car is abandoned now (what? My cousin was in it waiting for me, and I was only gone like 30 seconds) so the mission was failed and restarts. Arrrrgh).

I want to get to the good part, but I have been playing 4 hours now, and it just seems like a tedious slog. If I had not played GTA3 it might seem really new, but so far this is just GTA3 with better (and blurrier) graphics, and some mini-games.

I’m getting the blurring as well. Definitely annoying.

The car dynamics are still crap for good cars. The corvette corners like a 70s pontiac.

Lots of good things other than those however. The environment is a lot more alive.

Well, that was easy… I failed a mission and got 40 gamer points for it:

I had to drive a certain someone somewhere, and we wound up with the cops in hot pursuit. During the escape, I drove down some blind alley, found a jump, and wound up stuck on the elevated train tracks. Searching for a way down, I crossed the Algonquin Bridge before unlocking the territory on the other side, thus triggering a six-star wanted level.

As I was on the train level of the bridge (and still am; I had to stop playing to come here!), the cops couldn’t reach me, so all I had to do was sit back and listen to some jazz on the radio for a few minutes before getting the One Man Army achivement.


Does anyone know if the cheat disables achievements?

In case you don’t know - apparently you put that into any computer at an internet cafe in the game, and it fills in the locations of all the armor and health and pidgeons and whatever the hell on your map.

Apparently some cheats disable achievements, some don’t, and some disable just certain achievements. I couldn’t find any info on whether or not this one does.

I have no real desire to use the other cheats, but this one I might.

Someone said in an earlier thread that they made like 250k in one mission, but they said they didn’t want to say any spoilers. I don’t give a shit about spoilers, all I care about is money money money. Which mission is it and how far into the game is it? I currently have 500 bucks and I am on the second vlad mission, did I already miss my chance to be rich?

Yeah, I had this problem with San Andreas, and it seems to be the same here. The low camera lets you see more scenery, but doesn’t help you see the traffic ahead, especially on slopes.

So far I’m finding the controls kind of sluggish. Handbrake turns seem to have changed substantially since the previous entries, generally spinning me out; the regular brakes just slow me down without letting me turn. There’s a fair bit of inertia when on foot, so that it takes a while to turn or stop. I’m a little worried that in the shift from cartoonish to realistic they’ve lost some fun; hopefully it all grows on me.

Yeah, the car controls seem to be a little difficult in general, which is unfortunate given how much time you spend driving around. It’s especially a nuisance when your giving chase, because you can’t turn very well, and are likely to make mistakes, while the NPC drives perfectly and knows the route much better than you ever will, which stacks the deck in their favor.

Of course, when they get a head start it’s even worse. The (relatively early) mission where you have to chase an important character down is one that unfortunately relies on you doing some pre-mission prep work in terms of car placement, and even then he can be difficult to keep up with.

I just want to add that the soundtrack just utterly rules this time around. Some real surprises and cool songs on nearly every station. Coltrane, Aphex Twin, Thin Lizzy, Fela Kuti in the same game? Thank you, Jeebus! (Reggae station is mundane though. All Bob Marley–not that there’s anything wrong w/Bob-- and one Stephen Marley. Branch out, people!)

NO STATS?! No RPG Stuff?!

The car controls are fine, you just start the game driving shitty cars.

ProTip: before you have to kill the Albanian loan shark early in the game, save yourself some pain and beat up a hapless cop to steal his pistol.

“Never bring a knife to a gunfight.”

No stats, but you do have reputation. Instead of working out at a bar, you need to drag Roman to a strip club.

don’t. it’s more fun to take him down hand to hand

I’m not to happy about the driving even though I know it’s on purpose… but there is a few quite good cars around. And my five star wanted rating while running from the cops in an airport bus on the runways excused all shitty cars…

The blocking off of bridges is contrieved, but I like how they’ve done it. I tried swimming across and was hunted down by boats and helicopters… psychic anti-terror. It’s the futiure.

The low camera is the only thing that annoys me. I had to shut down last night because my tired eyes just couldn’t stand it. I wish you could not only move the camera up but also lock it in another angle.

No music have kept me driving to hear it, but a few adverts and talk bits have. The humour is still there.

As has already been stated, you kill the pigeons.
There are a total of 200 of them scattered across the 3 areas.
I don’t have the game but, I did pick up the guide to see what it was like.
Seems to me that this is a bit like GTA 3, where they took the series in a different direction.
Some of the stuff that they had in SA isn’t in IV.