GTA4: ZIT feature [no spoilers]

So, apparently if you register with the Rockstar Social Club and link it to your XBL account, then the game will send and store the song details to your profile so you can buy the MP3 later.

This is an awesome idea, but it doesn’t seem to work. I registered an account with Rockstar, linked it to my Gamertag and I’m not seeing any songs appear. Anyone had any success with this?

Apparently it takes 24 hours before your profile updates. However, the site is so overwhelmed with the 2 million+ people playing the game it may not work at all at this point…

I’m having a problem doing the initial registration. It tells me my email address is already registered, or that I haven’t filled in all the mandatory fields, neither of which is true. If I try and enter my (allegedly) already registered email address and do a password recovery, it says it’s sent a password reminder but this never turns up. It does, rather cheekily, still subscribe you to the email newsletter, even if your RSC registration fails…

Tried in both firefox and IE7 with the same results. Hrmm.

Is this what the bit in the game manual means if you type in that phone number? I thought that just ID’d the song for you?

Gosh i wish they had made a real manual that explained things a bit better sometimes!

Yup, it’s still not working. No emails to the Rockstar Social Club from ZiT for me yet.

Yeah, I can confirm that it isn’t working yet. I activated the website’s gamertag association a couple of days ago, which took 24 hours to start working, and then after it started working, yesterday I tagged a couple of songs with ZiT, but nothing every showed up on the website except a “GTA IV” icon in the zip area that I can’t click on.

It’s started working for me. A song I tagged last night just showed up on my site profile.