GTX 760 and vibration

I just replaced a Radeon 6760 with an EVGA GTX 760. And while this does triple the frame rate in Thi4f, the new card has a rather prominent hum/vibration, even when idling.

One difference is that the Radeon had a bracket extending it to ~14" so the card was supported on both ends, but the GTX doesn’t so it’s only supported by the PCIe and backplane.

Is it possible to find an extension bracket for this specific card, and its that likely to help the noise? Or is it just that the 760s are this way from their fans?

I’ve tried googling for something, but google only turns up results for PCIe bus extenders.

Sounds like your card has a bad fan, i.e. it’s out of balance.
Have you tried holding the unsupported end of the card with your fingers while it’s running to see if that helps?
I have a GTX570 (not as large as yours probably, but still fairly large) that has no support other than the slot itself and the two mounting screws, but also has zero vibration at any fan speed.
I guess if I were you, I’d return it.

I’ve got a 760 (an MSI of some sort with two fans) and don’t have a vibration problem at all, so I’m thinking there’s something off about your card.

Indie- did you depress the PCIe plastic switch at the end of the PCIe slot, and then make sure it came out and locked properly when you put the new card in? It is actually possible to mount a card with that not positioned correctly making the card extremely (physically) unstable. Before swapping out your card, it is worth taking it back out, making sure that plastic toggle lock is not broken, inserting the card and making sure you’ve got a good lock when you put the card back in.