Guess what is objectionable about this photo

As you may know, President Obama visited Maine last weekend. This picture was taken in Bar Harbor, population 5,000.


is that a black power ice cream parlor?

he’s plainly not racist. notice he is eating vanillaaaaaaaHHHH HE WANTS TO DEVOUR WHITE CULTURE

Dude. The Black Panthers opened an ice cream shop?

It’s a dessert shop with “desert” on its sign?


(Except Charles)

Please, please, please tell me there isn’t an actual stink about this.

Didn’t you hear, Maine is a hot bed of black supremacy?

It’s not much of one. Just a bunch of nuts. It’ll probably be on Hannity, but not O’Reilly.

Without QT3’s helpful followup comments, I would never have figured out the “objectionable” part of that photo. I never find Waldo, either.

Black supremacy with additional spoon power.

You have to have additional spoon power, in Maine. Just to give everyone an idea, if everyone besides Obama in the photo is actually from Maine, a full .03% of Maine’s black population is in that photo.

Move the decimal place about three ticks to the right and you’ll be on target.

No, census estimate is that there are a little over 10,000.

He could have avoided the controversy with some rainbow sprinkles.

At last, it’s the secret signal to start the revolution.


It looks like Obama is holding the ice cream cone with a napkin, showing that just like a Liberal he doesnt want to get his hands dirty doing what needs to be done, for freedom.

Homosexual agenda.

It is a rather homoerotic sign. I’m pretty sure ice “cream” there is also made with soy, which will make your children double-gay.