Guess Who Drew This

No fair using Google. I’ll just give you the hint that it is a national figure. Post your guess, and I’ll put the correct answer in a bit. I was going to use spoiler tags but they don’t appear to be on the edit panel and I don’t know the shortcut ([spoiler] and [sp] didn’t work).

The title of the piece is “Donald Trump - The Wise Dragon.”

The correct usage is:

This is a spoiler


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I’m going to say Glenn Beck.

Looks like a five year old drew it. So yeah, Beck, Limbaugh…

I saw this earlier, and there’s pretty much zero chance anyone will ever get it.

bwahahaha! That literally looks to be on the same level of a drawing I made of Aero the Acrobat when I was about 8. Used the same colours too, except I had developed some rudimentary grasp of perspective/depth at that point.

Ok, I cheated and looked it up, and while the author’s identify is amazing, I think “national figure” is a bit of a stretch.

Gabrielle Giffords? That would qualify as amazing…

I always thought of [the person who drew this] as more of a choke artist!


I’m gonna say Warren Buffett, though I would bet he doesn’t really think Donald Trump is a wise dragon.

I’m going to guess Donald Trump, since, honestly, who the hell else would term him a “wise dragon”?

I wish I could make a similar mocking remark, but in all honesty if you put a gun to my head and said “draw a dragon!” it would probably look worse than this. I’d start with an S, and then add another more different S, and then some V’s, and some angry eyebrows, and some beefy arms.

The answer, for those who haven’t yet looked it up, is Jose Fucking Canseco. And I think national figure is fair. It’s been years since he was anyone but a crazy man on the internet, but he was a famous ballplayer in the 90s, and managed to become the center of media attention again during the steroid hearings.

I thought it said ‘The Wise Oregon’

I’m going to guess Gary Beusy, although not a national figure.
EDIT: Looks like I was wrong.

I guess I was using national figure different than others, as Busey qualifies. I was thinking “If you’re American you probably know the name, if you’re not you probably don’t.” But it doesn’t map precisely to celebrity, at least in my mind.

And then off to burninate the countryside you shall go!

Is anyone else curious to know what sort of car Donald Trump will be having sex with in Canseco’s next picture?

Kim Jong Un?

Yes, you too can learn to draw! Draw the Corsair…ummmm…pirate! And you can join the Famous Artists’ School of Art!