Guess who?

Posted this on GAF, but I thought it was noteworthy enough(?) to bring it to our attention here:

I actually believe this game was the first to inspire the term “Shovelware” back in the dawn of CD ROM games.

I couldn’t believe it, but they’re actually bringing this seminal 1990 classic to the Wii:

That’s right, it’s our old friend from budget racks 15 years ago,

It’s amazing that whoever owns the rights to this pile of shit is still capable of dumping it onto yet another platform.

You know, I wondered if these games sell but sure enough I saw a woman buy three $9.99 Wii games from Walgreens the other games. They didn’t even have a publisher I recognized.

You don’t like Mad Dog McCree?

Do you?


…I love it!

Edit: seriously, I thought everyone loved this.

I loved it too. For many years I tried to get that big, orange light-gun that plugged into the printer port to work with Windows 98+ but it just never did.

I knew the actor that played Mad Dog McCree when I was growing up. He grew up with my mom or something like that.

I look forward to when Natal can give us Time Traveler.

Oh boy! Here’s hoping maybe somebody can scrap together the fifteen cents it’d take to get the rights to some of those old Digital Pictures FMV games next. I’m thinking Prize Fighter and Supreme Warrior would be great with the motion controls. Sewer Shark would be perfect as well. “Compatible with Wii Zapper!” Anybody who does this is sure to make fifty bucks.

I’m holding out for Fahrenheit and Night Trap.

Excellent, I finally know what to do with the rights to Loadstar: The Legend Of Tully Bodine! Seriously, I woke up lying gutter one morning owning the IP. No idea how that happened.

I LOVED Mad Dog McCree, and its sequel and Who Shot Johnny Rock, and all of the other spinoffs at the arcade. I was a whore for anything laserdisc so assuming they keep this faithful, I’m giddy(-up)!

‘Nice shot, try another one!’

There was one at Six Flags Texas when I spent a lot of time there. It was ingrained into me hearing that.