Guest Thread

This thread is devoted to discussing how cool the various people posting as Guest are. How the nameless state of ego-free bliss is a right-on way of life, and how only we Guests are attuned to the Cosmic Isness of the Now, because only we are free of the societal constraints tied to the prison of Idenity.

No registered users allowed in this thread, as we don’t need your “me too” attitudes staining our Guestly karma. Thanx.

Aaah. Finally a thread I can relax in and BE MYSELF.

Thank you, Guest.

Why, you’re more than welcome, Guest!

Anyone seen any good movies lately?

I have! I quite enjoyed the fun and stylish romp that is CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, a brilliant return to form for the all-American auteur that is Steven Spielberg.

If only he would change his name to Guesty McGuestron, my admiration for him would be complete.


Obviously, that wasn’t a real Guest. Beware, fellows, I think we may have some fake Guests infilitrating this thread. You can tell a fake Guest by his cromagnon sloping forehead and poor diction.

Sigh. Sometimes I’d like to impliment forced birth control on the lower half of the United States. Everything from Virginia on down.

Would you fellows get a look at this “Best damn guest ever?” Can you say EGOMANIAC? He pretends at the anonymity we Guests believe in, yet strives to set himself apart from us through his self-proclaimed superiority.

Probably a Hitler-loving queer, to quote Stephen Colbert.

Hey, this sofa looks familiar. So does the water cooler. You guys feel free to hang out here, just stop swiping things from the lounge, billiards room or cigar parlor.

… and no guests are allowed in the pool.

Well, you can keep your cum-stained sofa.

No Raifes allowed in the GENE POOL! How do you like them apples?

Oh, and keep the noise down to managable levels. We’ve already had the police by twice this month.

We’ll probably get a spare television in here by the weekend.

Aargh, aargh, spittle, chomp!

oops! Above was me. I forgot to log out! :oops:

I vote to ban all registered users! We don’t need their kind.

Fuckin’ A.

And more nazi references.

And dinosaur pics.

And douche-related insults.

You’re the Douchess of York.

fucking big mice with their user names and passwords can bite my butt

If any guest uses a bad word or is insulting then they should get banned for life. Damn braindead stupid bloddy idiots.

I think that guests should also be allowed to edit any other guest’s post. That way people could fix my spelling errors.

Don’t be an idiot, if guests were allowed to edit any guests post then they would fix my spelling errors and not yours. You are the most pathetic individual that ever existed. You’re probably the stupid bastard that kept yelling hello across the high school campus to the blind kid. Stupid selfish ass wipe.

Yep that was me. Are you the dumb blind kid that fell for it every time even after four years?