Guild Wars 2 gets DVR functionality next month

Title Guild Wars 2 gets DVR functionality next month
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When June 5, 2014

Maybe there's too much new content in Guild Wars 2 for you. Maybe you missed some of the time-limited seasonal or story-based stuff..

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Hmm so you still need to login suring the time of the event? Not very useful for people like me whom have had a year off and would love to relive the last years events.

You can buy events you missed (using ingame or real-world currency). Also, they aren't promising that the previous season's contents will be available for the story journal. This seems mainly like something they're doing going forward to address complaints from folks who couldn't keep up with the schedule.

There has never been too much content in GW2 for me. In fact, it's quite the opposite

And while I'd prefer it be entirely automatic, it's still a great solution to the biggest problem with their Living World approach.

How's that Skyrim Online thing treating you? :)

I think this will solve my biggest complaint about GW2's first season: keeping up with the bi-weekly updates could become a real time commitment.