Guild Wars 2: join us for Qt3 guild events, Fridays, starting 5pm Pacific!

Okay, so now that I’m back in the swing of things, I’d love to get some guild events underway. I know that some of you were doing these back in April, and I’m sorry I missed out. But I see that one of our trusty guild leader omsion has been busily unlocking some of the cool guild events, apparently at considerable personal expense. If you look at the guild history, you can see a spate of crazy activity where he bought rounds upon rounds of drinks for the entire city to boost our guild’s prestige. This let us commence unlocking timed challenges called “guild rushes”. It’s still going to be about a week before we get these. But looking over the list of guild options, I see we can have several levels of treks and bounties available.

These are entirely new to me, but I’m eager to try them out, hopefully with some of you who might have a little experience in them. Or at least a willingness to fumble through them with a handful of people new to the process. So who would be interested in running some guild events, and what times work best for you guys? Note that you don’t even have to be on Ehmry Bay to join us.

I’m going to tentatively suggest this Friday, July 12, at 5pm Pacific, but I’m entirely flexible.


Figures the guild events would start up again when I’m just about to leave for a two-week vacation.

Back to the front page with you. Will hopefully be there.

I didn’t see this earlier, but sure, I’ll join the fun.

I’m in for Friday at 8 EDT! I’m assuming it helps to bring the character with whom I’ve explored the most map…

Is there some kind of VOIP thing, or are you guys going to old-school it?

It definitely helps if we can chat. When we did guild stuff before, we used something called Raid Call (grab it here). The channel is called Quarter to Three, but you might need the channel ID when you first join. The channel ID is 5023203.

As for the character to bring along, I’m guessing you’ll want whomever has explored the most, although it’s easy enough to jump among your characters. I imagine it depends on which type of event we’re doing, which is why I’m hoping we’ll be joined by someone who, uh, knows what’s going on with the guild missions. If not, we’ll just fire up one of the missions and see what happens. We have several of them banked, and we can always try one of the easier ones. I think there’s even a tier called training, which seems about my speed.


Hmm… maybe it’s time I get playing Guild Wars 2 more so I can get a character worthy of playing with you guys. I’ve only dabbled so far.

There’s plenty you can do with us regardless of your level! And vice versa, by the way. As you probably know, Guild Wars 2 is built so that going back to earlier areas is still beneficial to higher level characters.


I’m not 100% sure what a guild event is, and my Thief remains stubbornly low-level, but I’ll try to be there.

My characters are in the 20’s to 30’s for levels but I’ll try to be there. Any areas I should explore prior to tomorrow evening to ensure I don’t get left behind?

Guild Bounties Tier 1/2/3
We are given 15 minutes to find 2/3/6 targets and murderize them. There’s more or less (and by that, I mean less) one target in every zone in the world, varying in their difficulty to (a) find and (b) murderize. Most follow a set path in the zone, while a few require interacting (aka hitting F) with objects scattered in the zone until you get lucky. You get regular event completion rewards for participating in a kill. In addition, participating in any kill will, once a week (resets Saturday), award you
[li]2 guild commendations (use them in Lions Arch)[/li][li]2 rares or better (level scaled)[/li][li]50 silver (level scaled, this is for L80)[/li][/ul]
In other words, to get these personal rewards, the entire bounty does not need to be finished.
If the guild manages to kill all 2/3/6 targets within 15 minutes, the guild gets 15/20/25 merits, which are needed to unlock further guild events or can be spent on minor guild bonuses.

Guild Bounty Training
15 minutes to track and murderize 1 target.
Not eligible for weekly reward, you only get regular event completion.
The guild gets 3000 influence.

Guild Trek Tier 1/2/3
20 minutes to find 5/10/20 specific locations in the world and hit F on them. Theoretically, based on a short descriptive name and a picture, you are to figure out where the location is and go to it. Practically you use a guide.
You get no personal rewards.
Guild gets 5/7/10 merits and 400/500/700 influence.

Guild Rush
We won’t have this until next week.
Evreyone goes to a location in the world. Once started, we have 30 minutes to get at least 15 people (people can run the course twice) from the start to the finish line. The catch is that to count, the runners get transformed into a harmless animal at the start of the track, and have to be protected on their way. There are also traps in addition to enemies. To get personal rewards, you have to finish the course as a runner (but you don’t need to be one of the first 15). Once a week, you get
[li]1 guild commendations[/li][li]2 rares or better[/li][li]50 silver[/li][/ul]
The guild gets 15 merits.

Okay, that sounds pretty cool.


So what I suggest we do:
Run and attempt to fully complete a T1 or T2 Bounty depending on turnout (I doubt we will get the 20+ we’ll need to run a T3)
If any low levels were unable to show up to bounties in a high level zone, rune a T3 bounty for the best chance to any target in a low level zone
Run Treks and Bounty Training if there is interest.

I’ll be there–probably a bit on the later side.

Oms, you’re directing this production right? Definitely agree on a T1/T2 first to get the new folks up to speed on the process and as a refresher for those like myself who’ve been away for several months.

So is there a minimum level for this stuff?

Not technically, though it helps to have a character with map completion or at least a lot of areas available so you can easily port to wherever the event is located. It’s also helpful to have a high level character so you don’t get one-shot by bounties in higher level areas, though there are also bounties in some of the low level areas.

The lowest level bounties are in 15-25 zones. Actual level is scaled depending on the specific area of that L15-25 zone.

And I also may be late-ish to the party.

FYI, if you haven’t used RaidCall in a while, it might need updating, and you might have forgotten your password, and you might need an email reminder of it, and so there’s that.

QFE & T.