Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


Lion’s Arch is where I usually go. Find the event area and there should be a door. I haven’t been yet this year. I think there are doors in every city, but I could be wrong.


Do I need to be a certain level? I’m only 10.


No. I don’t think so. But seeing as you are only level 10, make sure you connect with a group. Use the LFG tool and look for Labyrinth groups. And stay with the mob. Equip whatever skills/weapons you have that hit multiple enemies.


This is a good plan, but let me add another step: When browsing the LFG interface for LAB groups, scroll to near the bottom. You’re much more likely to find one that isn’t in an already-full instance.


The ones that are really full also get you significantly less booty. It can be really hard to get hit on the enemies when there’s 40 others blasting everything around them.


Excellent tip! And, in turn, I’d recommend using an XP boosting consumable, if you have one, once you get into the instance. The key is not to kill things yourself, but to do a little damage to as many enemies as possible before the group vaporizes them.


And as an Engineer, the perfect way to do just that is to use the flamethrower. Not sure if @JoshL has that one unlocked already though…


So the best way to improve my equipment fast is these Fractal dungeons? My survivability is just not good enough for these expansions, it’s proving frustrating when I’m always the first to die in a group. I did the Arah dungeon the other day, I felt like a liability not a help. Seems the random and story reward gear I’m finding just isn’t really cutting it, perhaps my magic find is too low to be of any value yet. I realise Elementalists are a bit glass cannon!

Also, I am onto my elite specializations now, I’ve leveled the Tempest one up to Singularity, so I should be able to use the warhorn which it’s given me, right? Well, it’s still telling me that I don’t have the warhorn specialisation yet, which appears to be inaccurate.


Regarding the warhorn, are you actually using the tempest spec in your build? Leveling tempest only unlocks the options to use in the build screen.

For ele, you may want to put aside like 10g and buy a set of good exotic armours from the trading house. Pick a stat combination and rune set that goes in the direction you want. If you hate being squishy you can grab some toughness/vitality, but don’t go too far in that direction as its a waste. High level ele play, as I understand it, is to make yourself a glass cannon with the berserker stat combo and rely on dodging and support from your team to avoid death.


I tried to look around, but couldn’t find if there is anyway to create “builds” in the game, to switch easily between (for instance, one for solo, and another spec for partying)?


So, seeing as this is the thread for people trying to return to the game - I’m considering making a level 80 ranger, since I enjoy Pets and Bows. If I did so - where the heck is the next step to go? The new area? And how? I dont have gliders or mounts or anything, but I have all expansions - thanks!


I think each expansion starts with a message in your mailbox. You probably want to do the Heart of Thorns stuff first to get Hero Points (spent on skills – in this case your elite specialization skills) and Mastery Points to improve your glider. The Hero Points are key. Heart of Thorns starts in the Silverwastes. Path of Fire starts in Lion’s Arch.

The thing is, HoT is challenging if you haven’t played for a while. You might want to muck about a bit to get the hang of things first; or just baptize yourself with fire in Maguuma.


No. Not yet. I know people have been clamoring for a template system.


First, armor.

If it’s OK for you to go with rares (yellows) for the moment, I can help you by crafting stuff. Just tell me the stats you want and I’ll see what I can do.

Now, exotics are… trickier. And much more expensive to buy or craft. I think crafted ones are account-bound, but I could be wrong.

Now, about trinkets.

Some of the Living Season 3 maps have special ascended trinkets that you can buy with the map currency. You can choose stats on each of them too, but you need to acquire the map currency. It might take a while, but it’s feasible as a mid-term goal, so to speak, even more so if you’re looking to equip a single character.


Crafted exotics are soulbound to the character who uses them first, I believe. Ascended stuff is account bound (thank God).

I can attest to the relative ease of getting ascended trinkets in season 3. Key word is “relative”. GW2 makes you work (and/or pay) hard for ascended gear.


Yeah, I know. I’m just wondering if they’re also account-bound, because I don’t remember seeing crafted exotic trinkets in the TP, but I never looked since I have a lvl 400 jeweler. ;)


Oh I see the distinction you were making. Sorry bout that. :)


Ah, possibly not. That makes sense, hadn’t realised. I finished the story missions finally, got a bit of better gear as a reward, spent some laurels on a bit of exotic / ascended gear, and now things are feeling better. Will also dig into a more interesting build tomorrow.

For a bit of a break, I created a Revenant and boosted it to 80. Holy smokes, what fun! It steamrollers things compared with my ele, I need to spend a bit more time with it.


Are you using a power build or a condition build? Because Revenants are fun using power builds, but condition builds in Revenants (and now Renegades) are crazy. Things just melt around you. It’s the perfect class to jump in the middle of a pack of foes, use some skills, then sheathe your weapons and walk away while they explode behind you. And yeah, I do that often. I might even change the head piece of his armor to sunglasses. ;)

Anyway, it’s really fun indeed. There are better power builds (Holosmith and Daredevil come to mind), but as far as conditions go, it’s by far the most fun class for me.


You almost never actually use the gear that is rewarded to you or dropped by monsters. You will need to sell or salvage them in order to craft or buy the specific exotic gear you actually need, and buying it is a lot easier.

You can either buy it on the trading post or using dungeon tokens. If you use the trading post, make sure you buy a level 80 item with the exact stat combo you want. Start with weapons, chest armor, and leggings since they contribute most to the total. Don’t forget about trinkets, but they are not available in as wide a variety of stat combos.

If you decide to use dungeon tokens, you will need to research the dungeon(s) that offers the stat combo you need. Citadel of Flame path 1 and 2 are popular choices because they offer Berserker items and are easy to do (with practice). Arah takes forever and is very unpopular.

Unlock explorable mode by playing story mode just once. Then learn how to survive explorable mode, either by reading or asking. There are usually a few tricks to each one. Most of them emphasize melee fights, which encourages stacking (standing in the same spot) so you can share boons and be quickly ressed when you die.

You can get a complete set of exotic armor plus one exotic weapon for <1800 tokens. Each dungeon gives you at least 100 tokens the first time you complete it each day.