Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


But the point is that you can buy the same Black Lion skin for much less gold on the TP.

So if you have your heart set on the new War God’s sword, you only need to spend 50 gold. Or maybe you like the Bloody Prince Staff from Halloween? That’s 90 gold. Even a high end skin like a Sclerite Sword will only set you back about 160 gold.

Or instead of that Sclerite Sword, you can buy one adoption license. Which has only a 3% probability of giving you the mount that you actually want.


Oh yeah I forgot they are tradable. So if you had to pick, which scheme is better:

  1. as it is now
  2. you can get duplicates from licenses, there’s a scheme of common/rare/mythic skins, but skins are tradable on the TP.


Oh, I have no interest in spending money on mount skins. I’m just saying, you talk about that like it’s not an absolutely insane amount of gold and it totally is.


Tradeable (choice 2) is far preferable, because if you don’t get something you want then you can sell what you have, and if you don’t want to gamble then you can buy what you want.

That’s exactly how dyes work (including duplicates and rarity schemes), and there aren’t too many complaints.


Dev response:

tl:dr; The mount licenses aren’t changing but the next skin release will be a single or bundled set. The mount license won’t expand from 30 skins,


Warning: spoilers on HoT and PoF.


Wow that’s sooner than I expected, so chapter 1 will drop November 28?

I still need to do living world season 3!


I’m still in Season 2!

… I got a lot of work ahead of me.


Yup, Living World Season 4 Episode 1 drops on November 28. Anet had said that the interval between Path of Fire and Season 4 would be much smaller than the one between Heart of Thorns and Season 3, and I’m glad to see they meant it. I’m ready and eager to play it!


I still need to do Season 1! Actually, why did they remove Season 1 and is this likely to happen with Season 2 anytime soon? Because it seems odd to remove playable content. I just did the “catchup” movie, but it’s not quite the same.


Season 1 didn’t have much in the way of actual story content. It was mostly live events not entirely dissimilar to stuff like the Mad King Halloween business, but less varied. I think enough people (myself included) clamored for something a little more substantial and permanent that they decided to do the current model of Living World seasons - and proper paid expansions - instead.


Right, that makes more sense. I vaguely remember reading about this, now that you mention it. Once I’ve finished the PoF story I’ll get started with Season 2 then. I got distracted trying to get the Skimmer achievement, one part of which involves killing a veteran water djinn on a tiny platform surrounded by quicksand and numerous irritating fiery flying things. As my combat survival strategy involves a lot of rolling, this one has been doing me in repeatedly.


So - I’ve used my lvl 80 boost for a warrior and a ranger now - I’ve been spending some time in silverwastes after unlocking my mount, but I’m kinda curious, since thats basically the same thing you do over and over again - Is there any where else my lvl 80 time would be better spent? I have no clue about masteries - have unlocked one thingie that gave me more xp while crafting, but thats it.

Any suggestions would be awesome!


There’s a lot of lvl 80 content around. The HoT metas are really popular (and they can be really fun), the LS3 maps, PoF metas, fractals, raids… and you can just explore and do events in normal maps, which is one of my favorite things. There’s a lot to do.


Okay, let me ask again please then

  1. What are Hot Meta?
  2. What are LS3 maps?
  3. What are PoF Metas?

Fractals are the dungeon things, right? I’ll be soloing, so thats not possible, same as aids - Explore is another thing I want to do, but I also would like to try the mastery thingies - They can only gain xp on level 80’s correct?

Sorry about all the questions - its a complex game!


Metas are meta-events, huge chains of events that some maps have, and most of them also give really good rewards. HoT metas (which means meta-events that take place in Heart of Thorns maps) are some of the most elaborate, and they also give pretty good rewards. The Auric Basin meta in particular gives tons of loot, and it’s pretty fun. All meta events require lots of players working together, though, so it’s better to use the LFG tool to find groups doing the metas.

Living World Season 3 maps. Each of the episodes in Living Season 3 added a map, each map with its own masteries and meta-events and resources. Some of them are really fun (Bloodstone Fen is one of my favorite maps in the whole of Guild Wars 2).

Meta-events in the maps added by Path of Fire. They’re not nearly as extensive and elaborate as the Heart of Thorns metas, but they can be pretty fun - especially the Augury Rock meta-event that you’ll find in Elon Riverlands, and the Maws of Torment meta-event in the Desolation.

Fractals are an evolution of the dungeons in the main game, but yeah, they’re dungeon-like things that require a full team of 5. I don’t do fractals much, but I plan to eventually. I tried a few times and most of those times were pretty fun.

Yeah, all experience you accumulate after level 80 will go to “training” the mastery you selected. You’ll also need Mastery Points to actually unlock the masteries themselves (after they’re fully trained), and you get those via achievements, exploration, and some kinds of challenges, depending on the area.

  1. & 3. Large, map-wide “meta-events” involving a chain of events and an ultimate impact on the way the maps work for a while.
  2. Living Season 3 maps

Edit: and, naturally, Rham is already on it. :)


Awesome- Thanks a lot guys! For some reason, I’ve bounced off the game many times, but recently I’ve taken a shine to it, and really enjoy it!


oh - Is the first story line worth completing? The one everyone starts with? I actually think I have most of them, but never completed any of them.


I would say so. it starts a bit silly but the later story is pretty cool and the Zhaitan mission is super memorable. Also you do get loot - a lot of it is designed to be useful during the 1-80 progression so won’t be anything much on a level 80, but the last chapter gives some decent goodies.

You may see stuff complaining about being forced to group at the end but that is no longer true. I soloed Zhaitan and it was hectic but completely viable.