Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


I finally made it into the Heart of Thorns expansion, and I’m surprised I’m enjoying it as much as I am. Done the bulk of content in the first map. I really didn’t think a team that thought third person jumping puzzles was a good idea would have been able to introduce new core navigation and movement gameplay without it being terrible, but the gliding stuff is pretty fun.


It is! Verdant Brink is a great map. Auric Basin is pretty fun as well, with a great (and popular) meta event that has great rewards.

Things start to get a bit too hectic when you get to Tangled Depths, however. It’s a multilevel map that at first is really, really difficult to navigate, with tons of annoying enemies in some parts… but it can be fun once you get used to it.

Then there’s Dragon Stand, which is pretty much a meta-only map. Fun when there’s people doing the meta, but there’s no reason to go there otherwise, alas.

Oh boy, if you think gliding is fun, just wait until you get mounts. ;)


Wintersday is coming.


I just got my springer and whee!

I thought the idea of a rabbit mount was stupid until I actually hopped on. Now I’m reaching all these areas I had assumed were off-limits, not to mention the areas I’d seen and thought “I bet you can’t get up there until you get the rabbit…”

I’ve also finally switched my necromancer over to reaper specialization using all the new shouts. I seem to recall guardians get to yell fun stuff during combat like, uh, I don’t remember specifics, but things like “take that!” or “I’mma get you!” that were the names of their abilities. Basically announcing what they were doing. The reaper’s “your soul is mine!”, “nothing can save you!”, and “suffer!” are nice vocal accompaniments to drinking a monster’s hit points, inflicting a few stacks of vulnerability, and applying chill. My necromancer is her own cheerleader.



I thought the idea of a rabbit mount was stupid until I actually hopped on…

I get it. Hopped on!!! hahahahahaha :P


Reaper shouts are awesome! And Reaper is a very fun class to play as. And it had some buffs in the last balance patch, so it’s pretty good for PvE right now.

Best Reaper shout is “Rise!”, by far. You’ll see. ;)


I’m not really sold on having a couple of those zombie dog things. They certainly don’t look like the tanks they’re supposed to be. They look like the things you’d fight in a tutorial dungeon under a tavern.

I’m used to the necromancer having some stand-off range with her axe, scepter, and staff. As a reaper, it’s weird having to be so close to the things I’m fighting! Like, right up in their face. If they take a few steps back, suddenly I’m not fighting them anymore. Doh. I guess this is how melee combat is supposed to work.



Well, the thing is: those zombie dog things will take the attention of your enemies away from you, and also transfer conditions from you to them and health from them to you, and (depending on your traits) increase your toughness. With the right trait to reduce the recharge on your shouts, well… it’s godly. You’ll see.

Here’s something similar to the build I used to use:

Have fun! ;)


Lunar New Year arrived in Tyria. (cross-post from the other Guild Wars 2 thread)


Heavily considering finally checking these expansions out. I guess this sale for the both of the expansions is about as cheap as it’s ever gonna get.

I got quite a lot out of the original game, but the endgame was a damp squib. How much good stuff do these expansions add? $37.50 worth?


For me, yes. The new areas and classes and metas and gear are worth the asking price and then some. But then again, I have 1000+ hours in this game, so keep that in mind. ;)


I posted a 25% off GW2 expansions coupon in the bargain thread, should make that decision a bit easier for ya.


LWS 4 Episode 2 release delayed.


Oooooh boy. (minor spoilers)

Yes, episode 2. March 6.


Shameless plug: The latest Friend/Ships video features my guild! I’m in a couple of the photos from PAX.


Episode 4 comes out tomorrow, so if you haven’t unlocked episode 3 yet, today is the last day to unlock it for free.