Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


So just to pimp my Patreon campaign, but if you’re interested in playing Guild Wars 2, there’s about to be a big giveawy of a whole mess of free copies of Guild Wars 2, with the Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire add-ons, handed out to my supporters. Like, seriously, tons of copies.



Woo! I might have a shot at those if there are tons!


Now you tell me! :)

But I would be highly surprised if that’s actually the case.


I do hope I’m wrong. Just lots of fear mongering about buying from non-official Anet resellers.


I’d say you’re 99% likely to be wrong. :)

Probably thinking of ‘ebay’ style places like G2A or Kinguin, where the possiblity of stolen keys/accounts is higher. These are targets for bans.

Keys from CDKeys may be a little grey around the edges, but they’re pretty reputable as a business.

But I’ll let you know in a week if my account is gone! :)


Boosted a thief to 80. Now my only non-80 classes are Elementalist and Engineer. I still have 1 boost remaining.


Oh boy, please unlock the Daredevil elite spec as soon as you can. It’s AWESOME. Some of the must fun I ever had in GW2.


Heh. I will. That’s what I’m looking forward to – more than Deadeye. I will consult some guides while I’m away from the game; and try to get on some HP trains.


Feel free to pass along some pointers, because I have been getting my ass kicked with my Daredevil trying to go through the storyline. I have probably died more with the DD in just a couple days since coming back than I did in all my other time spent in GW2.


So, here’s my current Daredevil build:

The big thing about Daredevil is that you shouldn’t be afraid to dodge. With that build, I can stay at range and do big damage with the pistols (skill 3 has really high damage), or I can get close with the staff; using staff 4 to blind the opponent(s) is a good idea to avoid being hit, and dodging either by dodge or skills (like staff 5) is also possible and recommended.

The one big thing about Daredevil is that weapon skills don’t have cooldowns - they just use initiative - so you can use the same skill multiple times as needed. Once you get into the flow of which skills to use and what time should you dodge… the Daredevil is nigh unstoppable. Also, the healing skill heals you based on the damage you make - so if your health is getting low, getting close with staff and using the autoattack chain, or going back with pistols and using pistol 3 for lots of damage and healing is recommended.


I finally hit 80 on my Engineer! First time at the level cap after five years.

Working on a minion mesmer now.


So how useful/worthwhile is ascended armor? I just dinged 500 armorsmith this weekend and was thinking about working towards some ascended pieces, but didn’t want to spend all that effort and find out that you get better trash drops for armor in PoF.


IIRC the ascended stats are about 5% better than exotic.


Ascended is better than exotic, but it can be ridiculously expensive to craft. Could take a long time, too.


So I haven’t played this in… geez two years maybe? What’s the best way to get back into it if you’re picking up the pieces and you forgotten pretty much everything?

I had a couple of max level characters, though I expect their equipment is lacking compared to what people are sporting nowadays.

Is there a good place to look at sample builds?


Sample builds:


and here:


Yeah, Ascended stats are better, and you can change their stats at the Mystic Forge, so it’s win-win. A worth investment for sure, but a really costly one.


For solo open-world builds, I’ve read that you are better off using PvP roaming builds rather than glass-cannon raid builds (when using the recommended build sites above). Also prevents you accidentally picking a support build and wondering why you die all the time.


@Ironsight gave the canonical build sites – really the goto sites for the meta. You can also peruse the official forums. Usually someone there has asked the question about what works for playing through the open world and story content.

Are you still playing thief? If so, I recommend unlocking Daredevil ASAP. It is incredibly fun. @rhamorim posted a build a little above. I have a similar one that uses Shortbow as the weapon swap with lots of heals that has worked really well in the Path of Fire zones. Someone on the forums also posted a build that uses dual pistols with the new Deadeye elite spec that looks like it could be a blast.


Thanks to the very generous QT3 Patreon giveaway I’m making my way through the newbie areas of GW2 right now. As I recall the Mesmer was a pretty interesting class so I’ll try that again here.
I’m bovril.9873 if someone wants to throw a guild invite my way it would be much appreciated, although it’s likely to take me a long while to get up to playing the new content.