Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


I was also a recipient of that generosity. I’m not even sure I have the base game still installed but I did have a level 80 necro at one point. Since this generous gift includes the DLC, if I install it will it just add on to my account?


If it is a serial key, I think you can add it to your old account by logging in via the website or in-game, not sure which.


BTW, if any of you (especially newbies) need any help, and you see me online, don’t hesitate to call. More often than not I’ll be happy to help. ;)


Ok thanks, I’ll have to see if I even remember my login. Might take me awhile to get that sorted although I may just start fresh since it’s been so long anyway. Does the DLC include the seasons?


I’m stuck in alt-paralysis. I have 80’s for elementalist, warrior, thief and guardian and mid-20’s of almost every other class. I don’t remember how to play any of them. I need to just dig in and start!

Or… maybe I’ll roll a new elementalist and go from there. Hrmm!


No, as far as I know, it doesn’t. You can buy Season 2 and 3 separately using gems though (reminder that Season 3 needs Heart of Thorns).


Ah ok thanks, are gems something I can earn in game or do I have to buy them?


You can buy gems with real money, or with in-game gold. At current prices (it fluctuates) you can buy around 400 gems with 100 in-game gold. Living World Season 2 costs 1280 gems to unlock, and Season 3 is 960 gems. So you’d need around 560 in-game gold to unlock everything. If you want to go the real money route, you’d spend around US$ 30 to unlock them.


You also get 400 gems for every 5K achievement points you earn.


Finished the PoF story yesterday. I really liked it overall, and I really liked all the callbacks to Guild Wars 1 (both in story beats, experience, and “feel”). As MMO stories go, I thought it was much better than base GW2 or HoT. There are some cool mechanics in some of the story missions, too, that I’d like to have acess to in the open game somehow.

Also, I have now 6 elites fully unlocked (Mirage, Firebrand, Holosmith, Scourge, Soulbeast and Renegade), 2 almost fully unlocked (Weaver and Deadeye), and 1 I’m very unlikely to unlock (Spellbreaker). Of those, I tried Holosmith (loved it, though it’s a bit squishy), Scourge (have to play more because it’s really different from normal necro), Soulbeast (awesome), and Renegade (really good DPS/damage support option for Revenants).



They won’t ban you for purchasing from cdkeys specifically, but they will ban if you happen to get a key that was obtained fraudulently or through a chargeback. Typically what happens in these situations is you appeal with Arenanet, they remove the expansion from your account and unban you, and you do you best to get your money back from the retailer.

I buy steam keys from Kinguin and the like all the time, but I wouldn’t buy a GW2 key there specifically.


Lol, so no then - cdkeys isn’t one of the places that Anet will ban your account for purchasing from. :P

Obviously they want you to buy full price from the approved retailers so are going to do their best to dissuade people from purchasing grey market. This comment from the dev/mod for example seems a little exaggerated:

I can understand that likely being the case from the peer-to-peer retailers, but is there much actual evidence of people having their accounts banned due to keys specifically purchased from Keeping in mind there are also a few dodgier sites with similar names.

Anyway, my account is still up and running. :)


Typically, developers and publishers don’t endorse people buy their keys from CDKeys because they know you’ll likely be buying keys out of region, meaning you’ll take advantage of regional pricing to get a deal. But, CDKeys does source their keys from actual official distributors, so there’s not much these companies can do after the sale.

What they can do is restrict the sale of keys across regions in their distribution contracts. If you’re a distributor that violates that, then you’re going to find it very hard to get any more games to sell. Or, you can just make your keys locked to regions. This is the way Ubisoft and Activision has dealt with the problem. If you check CDKeys for AC:Origins, for example, there’s an EU version for sale, when previous AC games would just show up as a global key. The publisher caught on and CDKeys was unable to source licenses that work across regions.


Read through that thread for Arenanet posts then make your own decision I guess.


My understanding is that Kinguin is shady as well. Not so?


AFAIK, Kinguin and G2A are a lot shadier than CDKeys. They source from “resellers” that have proven to be individuals using stolen credit cards to get their inventory of keys.


Yes, Kinguin and G2A are “peer-to-peer” places, pretty much like the ebays of key sellers. They don’t really source keys themselves, but implement a marketplace of various individual resellers. This is why the fraud danger is much higher.

CDKeys is more akin to a Greenman, where you’re not buying from various individuals but from one retailer that has sourced keys themselves. It’s also why getting refunds etc. is much easier.


Indeed, but read the thread.


Just want to let you know that the boss I mentioned above has been nerfed in today’s patch. Good call by Anet.

Patch changelog (spoilers!)
Story Chapter—The Departing: Drastically decreased the amount of health the Eater of Souls can steal.
Story Chapter—The Departing: Increased the duration the defiance bar is vulnerable on the Eater of Souls's leap attack.
Story Chapter—The Departing: Removed the Eater of Souls's ability to steal health from pets and minions.
Bounties: Fixed an issue in which the Legendary Ellutherius Wintergust was unable to attack players.


I beat that boss with a friend last night. To be honest I am slightly disappointed that they nerfed it as I found it to be a satisfying challenge. Turns out having a friend in that quest just makes things harder as second+ people are spirits who can do nothing but support you as you fight the Eater of Souls. This is bad as the Eater of Souls could heal from them, so my friend had to spend most of the fight trying to support me from a long distance. I couldn’t use my pet either.