Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


The training tab includes Skills and Traits. They can be hard to tell apart, but have different shapes. You unlock them one at a time by spending hero points. They are unlocked in order along multiple tracks that can be completed in any order. You can start training Elite skills and traits once you have completed all the core tracks.

Skills are mostly active and equipped in the skill bar of the UI. Traits are always passive and equipped in your hero panel. There used to be minimum level to equip traits, I’m not sure if that was patched out.

All traits belong to a specific trait line. To equip a trait, first you must choose the trait line. This will equip 3 minor traits (if they are unlocked), and then allow you to choose 3 of 9 possible major traits.

You can choose up to 3 trait lines, so in the end you will have 9 minor traits and 9 (of 27) major traits. An Elite spec is nothing more than one of two slightly overpowered trait lines, with a minor trait that unlocks a new weapon and other abilities. You cannot select both Elite trait lines at the same time.

The passives often interact and can significantly affect game play, so have fun experimenting with them!


You get your first mount by completing the Path of Fire prologue, but you need to be lvl 80 to do that (and with appropriate gear).

Now, the flying mount - the griffon - is an endgame thing for sure. I have all 4 mounts unlocked, but to fully unlock the griffon you need to do a lot of collection achievements and you also need about 250 gold. So yeah, it takes a while to unlock.

I just got to 100 gold. I have another 150 to go before I can unlock the griffon, but I’m looking forward to that moment. ;)


Right, I understand. I’ve forgotten a lot of this stuff that was gradually introduced as you leveled up in the early game, so coming back is a massive info dump of confusion. The Mastery stuff wasn’t particularly clear either, but I think I have that one figured out finally. Thanks for the help!


This has been a good weekend! I managed to unlock the Griffon (and I’m already on the process of unlocking its final mastery), experimented a bit with the Mirage (but went back to Chronomancer for now), and finally figured out how to play the Holosmith effectively and I’m loving it. Might well be the PoF equivalent of the HoT Daredevil for me, in terms of “new class/elite I fell in love with”.

In fact, I liked Holosmith so much that I’m now considering working on the Collection Achievement to get an ascended sword for him. One of the requirements is complicated though - you either have it dropped (by luck), or buy it from TP… and current price for it on the TP is 68 gold. Ouch. After spending so much on the Griffon, I don’t think that’s an option… but maybe I’ll try to do the other stuff and leave that for last.

Anyway, PoF is great. Mounts are much better than I expected them to be (and they change the game in a fantastic way), the new maps look awesome, story is good… it’s great. I can’t wait to see what Living World Season 4 will add to that, but I expect it to be amazing.


Oh boy, I’m hyped.


I joined an HP train last week to unlock everything on my holosmith save for the last ability, and I enjoy it a lot more now that I have access to the utility skills.

How do I participate in the Halloween stuff? Do I just head to Lion’s Arch and let the game guide me?


Well, it affects more than just Lion’s Arch. Of course, many activities happen in Lion’s Arch - Mad King Says, access to the jumping puzzle, currency merchants, etc - but many enemies start dropping trick & treat bags, you’ll find candy corn things to mine, and areas around Lion’s Arch will see otherworldly doors appearing out of thin air, that you can use to get bags, fight enemies, and even go to places like the Mad King Labyrinth (also acessible from Lion’s Arch, BTW).

That said… there might be changes in this year’s event. The small clip I posted shows someone flying over the Mad King’s Labyrinth, something that wasn’t possible before. And considering how in lore there is a dispute between the Mad King and Palawa Joko, and considering how Palawa Joko is a big part of Path of Fire… there might be some surprises this year. We’ll see.


Halloween event is live. And one of the things they added is mount skins. Oh my.


Saw that one coming.


Wow, the skins look great. I assume they are permanent?


Do tell. :)


I wouldn’t have been able to tell with you soaring up all the time, couldn’t tell you were there!
Not jealous at all


Hey, I barely used the griffon around you! Jackal is a better choice for most parts of the Wayfarer Foothills. ;)

But yeah, I’m using every opportunity I have to show it off, because, you know, it was perhaps my biggest achievement in GW2 since I started playing. ;)


My build is something similar to this:

The trick is to turn Photon Forge on before engaging; engage with Holo Leap and immediately follow with Corona Burst. You want to build more heat for bonuses to other skills, so use Holographic Shockwave and Photon Blitz if needed/wanted. If you’re getting hit, you can use Spectrum Shield (make sure you do after your heat reaches 50%, since that cuts the recharge by half) or Flash Spark to protect. Once you get close to overheating, turn Photon Forge off; you can then use skills like Laser Disk or Hard Light Arena to take advantage of the heat bonuses, and if you want to attack, open up with Radiant Arc (for quickness) and use the auto attack. As soon as heat gets around 50%, reactivate Photon Forge. And so on and so forth.

The AoE is amazing, I see crits all around much when I’m engaging, and that build (with that rotation) has pretty good survivability. You just need to be aware that if you’re getting a lot of damage it might be good to disengage, but that comes with time.


It feels like a great achievement until you join a train and see griffons everywhere.

Reminds me of this Penny Arcade comic:


Well, yeah, but now I’m one of THEM!

Of course most of them have legendaries and stuff. And I got used to seeing lots of people with legendaries when I don’t have any. So it doesn’t sting. At all.

Ok, let me get into the game, take my griffon, and dive into a river of lava somewhere. Yeah.


So is there some trick to accumulating candy corn quickly? Because apparently the currency you actually exchange for stuff has a 1000 candy corn to 1 currency exchange rate and that means the cool toys cost like 110,000 candy corn. I’ve earned…maybe 80 so far?


Trading post? Your collection is worth about 50 silver by the way.


You can get a 20 slot bag from a vendor for 3000 candy corn.


Check LFG under “Central Tyria - Squads” and look for “Lab Farm” entries. Go with the mob tagging enemies and whatnot. You should make about 1000 candy corn per 15 minutes or so.