Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


That’s still many many hours for the miniatures and whatnot.


Yes it is, which is why you’ll see tons of farming squads for weeks. I don’t personally like that kind of mindless farming, so you won’t see me with Halloween miniatures anytime soon - but I’ll try to at least get a candy node for my home area.


Being midway on the long and windy road to level 80, I can’t help but feel like I am missing a lot!


Yeah, I find that sort of thing tedious as hell, which is why I was hoping there was something I was missing that made that stuff accessible in a fun way. but I guess I will just skip it. maybe do enough for some achievements and a few of the back pieces.


Thanks, Rham. I have one more level 80 boost and I have to choose between the Ele or the Engi. Have you tried Weaver yet? How does it compare?


Elementalist is likely the most versatile class in the game now. It’s also one of the most complicated in terms of gameplay - switching elements, knowing when to disengage - there’s never a dull moment* playing Elementalist, and it can be overwhelming even for experienced players.

* well, actually, there are dull moments, because Elementalists are usually squishy enough that you’ll often find yourself in downed state.

As for Weaver - it takes the base Elementalist and gives you yet another thing to juggle, which is combining elements. It has some really nice new “skills” and it can be pretty powerful, but I have yet to get used to it.

In the end - speaking only of the new elites - Holosmith is a lot easier to play than Weaver, but Weaver does have more options and more flexibility. I guess you should decide if you want a more straightforward class/gameplay with fair survivability, or a glass cannon that is harder to play (and easier to kill) but potentially even more powerful.

EDIT: as an additional note, Holosmith feels like a whole new class in terms of gameplay (compared to base Engineer or Scrapper); Weaver is pretty much a tweak of the base Elementalist gameplay, adding a few new tools and options rather than redefining the class.


Am I just imagining it, or is Engineer a terrible solo class? It seems like I get all kinds of bonuses for using my ‘toolbelt’ skills, but those are mostly things that give boosts to allies. I’m still only level 20 something (and mostly playing in short bursts), so I’m not getting much value out of them.

Did I just pick the wrong traits or whatever? Do other classes solo better?


I think it’s hard to project how a class will perform with the full toolset based on where you are at level 20.


Engineer is good solo. I played it solo most of the time with no big issues (though I did play a “suboptimal” for a good bit). It’s a fun class, but it can be a bit overwhelming depending on what you use.

And yeah, at level 20 you haven’t seen most of what the class is capable of. ;)


Engineers are perfectly fine solo.

They are also (along with Elementalist) one of the most versatile classes, with easy access to stealth, boons, combo fields, self-heal, stability, reflects, CC, etc. They are jacks of all trades, and masters of a few things (e.g. blast finishers, might, and burning).

As for toolbelt skills, keep in mind that skills that affect “allies” almost always affect you too. That’s one of the nice things about GW2. You usually drop a heal turret because you want to heal yourself, but anyone nearby gets some benefit. The result is that strangers spontaneously to play together - because hey it’s an engi, go over and get some free healing! Ditto all those elixir throws, blasting fields, gyro effects, etc.


Ok, thanks all! I will stick with my engineer, use my toolbelt more, and get to level 80…


One of the fastest ways to level is to take advantage of a Mad King’s Labyrinth group. If you are not concerned with leveling quickly, no worries – just keep in mind that you can still do all the content as you will level down to the zone (and part of the zone) you are in.


I’m more concerned with the bewildering array of options I’ll be presented with if I jump to 80.

How long does Mad King’s Labyrinth take? I don’t have the time or patience for 2-hour dungeons, that’s why I quit WoW like a million years ago.


It’s an open area, not a dungeon. you can leave whenever. also your action bar is the same size at 80 so it’s not that bad.


It takes about four weeks. :)

The labyrinth is just a maze densely packed with constantly respawning monsters that drop decent loot. Drop in, find a zerg to join, go from door to door until you are tired, then leave and count your haul. Just like Halloween!


Indeed, it’s a monster tagging game for candy.


And where would I find this?


Lion’s Arch is where I usually go. Find the event area and there should be a door. I haven’t been yet this year. I think there are doors in every city, but I could be wrong.


Do I need to be a certain level? I’m only 10.


No. I don’t think so. But seeing as you are only level 10, make sure you connect with a group. Use the LFG tool and look for Labyrinth groups. And stay with the mob. Equip whatever skills/weapons you have that hit multiple enemies.