Guild Wars 2: Quarter to Three activities for the weekend of 9/7

  • First, a thanks to everyone in the guild for your contribution. As you play, if you’re “representing” Quarter to Three, you help us accumulate influence, which we can then spend on upgrades. For instance, during last Tuesday night’s WvW rampage, we had a bonus to earned guild influence. Which helps the guild, but isn’t directly helpful to you guys. However, this weekend is different: as of right now, we have a +10% magic find bonus! That applies to anyone playing for the next three days. You can see it by checking the upgrades tab on the guild screen. I’ll try to save up influence and time these sorts of bonuses for peak playing time for the most players.

Additionally, we’ve unlocked the option to wear the guild insignia on our armor, but it costs an entire flippin’ gold piece per player. I suspect no one’s going to be sporting the Qt3 logo anytime soon. Furthermore, we can only make a guild insignia from the game’s fairly limited set of clip art. Maybe somewhere down the line, we’ll

  • Please take stuff from the guild bank! That’s why it’s there! If you see an item you can use, grab it. If you see a stack of food, help yourself (but don’t take more than you can use; you can alt-drag a stack to split it up, which will let you put back anything you think you won’t use).

  • Many of us are getting to the level where we’re doing dungeons. If you’re above level 30 and you’d like to try one of the dungeons you’ve unlocked, ask for teammates in guild chat! Type /guild in the chat window, and you’ll probably get a full party of guildmates with no problem. Furthermore, some of us are keen to try the dungeons in their harder explore mode. Once you’re level 35, don’t hesitate to ask around for a group.

  • Remember that this thread lists all the guild members, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it if you want an invite. Alternatively, send a tell to pretty much anyone in the guild and they can invite you.

  • Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific will be our regular WvW meeting, and the relevant thread is here.


I plan on running my story through the level 30 dungeon, and would love to repeat it a bunch of times if others are interested.

I have a couple different builds I want to try out in a group situation to get some real evidence on the worth of certain abilities.

Looking to go on my thief Nishoma

Last night I set aside time to get better acquainted with easy ways an individual guild member can help his or her guild gain influence and it was rewarding because there were a couple of things I didn’t know about. Thought I’d share a quick rundown of how players can casually help their guild.

Quick list:

[li]Complete your daily achievements (four categories that take varying amounts of time). This is satisfying especially for obsessive/compulsive completionists. I’ve found that beginning a play session by focusing on my daily events quota will also take a dent out of the other items. Daily achievement completion also yields other rewards (experience, cash money and a Mystic Coin). There are a bunch of other achievements that yield guild influence as well, a few of which are I think might be achievable in a single play session.[/li][li]If you have extra cash, buy Influence from a Guild Promoter. A couple of silver will get the guild 10 influence which might seem like a drop in the bucket, but if enough members do it on a regular basis it adds up. The next tier is probably less affordable for most of us: 20s for 100 influence.[/li][li]Work on your personal storyline. This is probably not doable in a single or even two play sessions (or at least, if you have as much time as I have) but chipping away at it every time you play is a good investment because the influence (and personal experience) payoff down the road is significant.[/li][li]Jump into random events. These can be completed quickly for easy experience and guild influence, and they’ll benefit #1 above.[/li][/ol]

That’s just what I’ve come up with, but I’m sure more experienced players can add other stuff to the above.

Speaking of influence, I raised this in the “How does certain stuff work?” thread and am still unsure. Can anyone shed light on how one gets a letter of commendation? I assume you can earn them somehow, but I’ve been told that you can also buy them somewhere.

I’ve gotten letters from doing personal story quests.

Awesome - thanks, Barstein!

“For the Horde!” (er, wrong game…)

I would just like to say i’m in the guild and represent the guild but as i’m on GMT time I’m not seen much by many of you but appreciate the stuff from the bank as well as the buffs etc the guild gives.

Are the dungeons good? I’m a bit bored with the PvE now that I’ve hit level 20 with my engineer. I really just want to do WvW and PvP, though I wish the PvP was more than one game type.

So does the PvE get better as we get higher in level? It’s been decent so far, but I still feel like I’m killing ten rats a lot of the time. I do enjoy getting XP for a variety of discoveries, though.

What? More than One type of pvp? What do you want from one game? Have you been to Mist isles and seen what different types of pvp you can do there? There are 4 different WvsWvsW at first, and then you have your tournaments, 16 man deathmatches and so on…plenty of different things to do.

In WvsWvsW there are a few different ways of playing as well - its not just following the zerg.

As for PVE getting better…Its pretty much the best PVE there is in any MMO right now - its do damn varied, so many places to go, so many things to do, so many ways to level its crazy. So - if you are bored now I recommend never buying another MMO because MAN you don’t seem to like them.

Thanks for the silver Raz, couldnt seem to send you an in game mail., as for Mark i thought you wwere relpyimg to DKD for a minute there :O)

My pleasure - hope it helped :-)

I meant the PvP that is control three hotspots. It’s the same basic game, just rotating through different maps. There’s no CTF game, or anything like Defense of the Ancients in WoW, etc. I tried that last night and it’s fun, but I’d like to see more game modes. Wouldn’t everyone like to have more PvP game modes?

As to the PvE all I can say is that a lot of it feels like quests I’ve done many times before. An event pops up. It’s to collect firefly glows. Or there’s an event to escort a dude and enemies spawn along the way. The mechanics for how these quests start is different and refreshing enough, but the stuff I’m asked to do I’ve done before. And after 30-40 events, the freshness has worn off.

GW2 is a great game and ANet has done a great job, but I guess I’m just tired of PvE in MMOs once I figure out the game mechanics. I really have little desire to spend another 60 levels in PvE unless there’s something waiting for me that I haven’t experienced yet in the 1-20 game. That’s why I was asking about the dungeons.

FWIW - dungeons are “widely” considered to be the ‘worst’ part of GW2 right now. Not terrible, but not the high point. No personal opinion as I alt around too much to get high enough to try them, just what I’ve read. So - if they rest of the game isn’t grabbing you, it doesn’t sound like dungeons are going to be the saving grace. MMORPG is MMORPG.

The game is grabbing me, but the PvE is the part that grabs me the least. That’s all. It becomes somewhat mechanical after awhile.

No, I haven’t run any yet. I don’t know where they are. Are they in level 1-20 territory?

I got 100% completion on the first territory. It was nice to do that. I don’t feel driven to do it again, though. I do want the skill points so I’ll try to do those.

I did a lot of WvW tonight and enjoyed it. I got about half a level doing it and even got some nice drops. I think I’ll just do WvW and do PvE for skill points and my story quest line.

I’m level 14 now and some of it is i’m ready to move on to a different area, 14 odd levels of the same place is quite a lot. I was tempted to visit other starter areas but felt it might then mean I wouldn’t do any alts.

And don’t forget Keg Brawl!