Guild Wars 2?


Yes, there is party finder tool within Gw2 for anything you want to do: fractals, dungeons, open world, etc. That said, very few people want to do dungeons these days, most of the people who used to do them have migrated to fractals.

The party finder does not transport you anywhere, you need to port there yourself. I assume you already have waypoints for all the dungeons.

Last thing, have you already explored Orr? That’s the end-game open world PVE zone, and it’s worth a visit if you don’t have the expansions and want to play solo.


I don’t think I have, probably because I got to level 80 just by wandering around doing quests, etc. There doesn’t seem to be much in the game to guide players to different zones.


The personal story will guide you through most of the zones, and it will eventually take you to Orr. But you can find Orr before that, either by exploring a lot on your own or by consulting off-line resources.


Without Expansions (and even with?) Fractals are the PvE end-game. The dungeon concept was abandoned and they’re… doable, but have some issues (at least one bug in Ascalonian Catacombs that has persisted for years now) and the power creep without any rebalancing makes them a breeze for geared groups.

Adding the expansions gives you some additional ways to get ascended gear (slightly better stats than exotic, the top gear tier and required for fractal progression past a certain point – not due to the stat boost but the slots for agony resistance, a gating mechanic in fractals), more “stat combos” for gear and raids.

I can’t speak to PvP because I’ve only dabbled for daily achievements. There’s 5v5 structured PvP and the massive, zerg-ball of WvW. Both have their own reward tracks and enough people playing that you won’t have trouble finding a group.


I can’t tell if you’re objecting to how that went down, but based on the guy’s edits to his Reddit post and especially ArenaNet’s response, I’m fully in support of what ArenaNet did. I remember playing Guild Wars 2 before ArenaNet really cracked down on bots. It was insufferable:

So I’m currently in a “hey, do whatever it takes” place in terms of invasion of privacy issues. Probably a bit Pollyanna of me, but I don’t want my Guild Wars 2 experience compromised.



I don’t have a problem with game developers doing this; I do have a problem with the only place it being mentioned is in the middle of their 22 page user agreement.


Not on the side of the cheaters here but part of me sympathizes since I run many of the same debugging tools for my job in infosec. Sometimes I run those tools on my main home/gaming PC but I’ve never been able to run them while connected online to the games in question. I’d be in trouble if they enumerated not running processes but installed applications.


Having reached 100% map completion and headed back to the HoT areas this week, I miss the exploration of Central Tyria. Sure, I can grab mastery points easier and Hero points are closing me in on finishing up my Daredevil but I liked being able to randomly help the citizens of all the territories. HoT seems very story-centric, and while the day/night cycle at first felt interesting, I find it’s more of a blockade to my exploration (at night) than it is helping the gameplay. Still, tagging along with a massive group of other players accomplishing big goals is quite satisfying so there’s balance there.

And I have to craft a legendary and find the remaining mastery points in Central Tyria some time anyway, with a countdown to PoE2.


Have they improved inventory size since release? I kinda quit playing once my bank + bags + guildbank were full…


I can’t speak to whether they improved it, but it certainly sucks. Then again, I haven’t bought any more tabs of bank or bags, and only today did I replace a 9 slot bag with an 18 slot one (so you can imagine how painful loot management is for me). Verdant Bank seems to toss you loot every few steps so inventory management has become a bit of a pain.

Btw, what do people do once they fill up on crafting supplies that they haven’t been using? I’ve been selling them, which seems to bring in decent funds, but I’m thinking I’d be better off switching to a different craft to make use of them. The wood, ore, and cloth supplies seem to be reaching max for me now.


Was aiming to finish the Hearts of Throne section this week, but that last Storm the Chasm section leading to Mordremoth was a disaster. I made it to the second battle against visions (this one the Pale Tree) and I just ran out of time it was sooooo long. I gave up on it and decided I’d like to get the mount in Path of Fire before moving on to PoE II: Deadfire in a few days. Done that, and I’m pondering: is it even possible for a solo thief (Daredevil) to manage that whole Mordremoth sequence? It’s such a slog I don’t know if it’s worth my time.


Hmmmmm. If your Daredevil is Staff/Dual Pistol, it could be done. If you’re melee only, not likely.

I only did that fight with my Revenant, and I remember using a lot of ranged (hammer) attacks along with dual sword melee when I had an opening, and it was a long and hard fight.

In any case, if you want help, let me know and I’ll do the fight with you. Maybe take my Mesmer there. Should be fun. ;)


Ha, thanks, but I’ll unlikely make the attempt again soon. My Daredevil rarely switches from staff now (my secondary is a bow that does rather limited damage) so that explains why I had a tough time with strict melee. I’m not fond of gameplay systems that allow you to play one way for 99% of the game then switches it up for the end game battles. There’s still plenty of the world to see, and PoF areas seem different enough to keep me interested for a while yet. Besides, I’ve not tried a single other character class and I may just have to start something new for a change of pace.


Well, boss fights are trickier than most things in the game, so there’s that. :)

Again, my offer stands. The Mordremoth fight is pretty hard/long/tricky, and I wish I had some help when I did it back then. And if I ever do it again I’ll probably ask for help. ;)

BTW, bow for the thief is not a good single target weapon. It’s better against groups, but it’s not the best choice against bosses. ;)


Thanks for the tip about the bow. I have other range weapons available in my bank/inventory, I just don’t use range that often so I forget about them. I really am a stickler for trying to create a particular build and staying with it. It was hard enough to give up dual-daggers and go with the staff, and switching from melee to range is an even bigger jump.

Speaking of jumping, I’m training up my mount in PoF areas now. Is there a particular mastery track for the mount that’s considered more or less useful than the others?


I played GW2 over the weekend. Not sure why I’m playing because the endgame doesn’t appeal to me since I’ve heard the WvW is poor. I just seem to want to get all 5 character slots filled with level 80s. I have 3 characters at 80 and the 4th is at lvl 73, and the 5th is at lvl 34. I also have 31 tomes of knowledge with another 10 due later in the week for daily log-ins. I’m just about done, in other words.

I am toying with the idea of buying an expansion and a couple of new character slots. One would be for the reaver, which I could insta-level to 80. The other might be for a sorceror that I can insta-level to 50 with an anniversary bonus. What kind of solo play do you get at level 80 in this game? The idea of chasing after mastery points or doing stuff to get better gear has limited appeal to me. I like to solo because I like to sit down and play for an hour here and there.

The game also seems a bit more complicated than I’d like right now in terms of getting level 80 gear. I have mystic coins. I have laurels. I have karma points. If I log on one of my level 80s I don’t really know what to do with this stuff.


I’m not sure what you mean by this. There are (at least) three distinct ways to play GW2, each with their own endgame: PvE, PvP, and WvW. And of those, PvE is the most popular.

The PvE endgame does not start when you reach level 80. In some respects, level 80 is merely the end of an extended tutorial. That’s why there are so many ways to skip it. At this point you are ready to start the massive level 80 content, including both expansions and several zones in the original map. I mean, just look at the other players who are online with you. Very few are below level 80.

Also, reaching level 80 does not mean character progression is over. After you insta level your reaper to 80, they will not have any reaper traits or reaper skills. You have to earn those the old fashioned way, by killing stuff and completing quests. And you will probably be doing that in the expansion zones (which are great solo, btw).

After you have explored all the level 80 zones on all maps, completed all the story lines (including Living World), and obtained all your elite skills, then you are in the actual endgame. But that’s a ways off, and I think it’s premature to worry about it now.

The most common way to get level 80 gear is via the Trading Post. Sell what you don’t need and buy what you need.

If you don’t want to do that, you will need to grind for crafting materials and level your crafting skills. This is also the only way to get ascended gear.

Some items cannot be obtained on the TP and cannot be crafted. When you’ve scoured the wiki and realized that there is a very specific item you want that falls into this category, your laurels and coins will be waiting for you. If right now you aren’t at that point, then just let those things sit in your bank.


Not the only way, no, but it is the main way for sure. (you can also get ascended items gear via some collection achievements, some special traders, and through fractals drops/rewards)


Good point, I forgot about ascended chests.

For sake of completion, you can also get them as PvP and WvW rewards.


Living World resumes on June 26th