Guild Wars 2?


Love the change to runes & sigils. Looking at the notes, they’ve improved practically every single one of them, and allowing them to be salvageable means I won’t be destroying them as often or tossing them for a few copper. Looks good.


@Kyle700, speaking of gear, my go-to guide for gearing is this wiki page, which I have almost permanently up in a browser window:


S4E5 releases today, log-in to unlock it for free.


I had every intent to announce it first this time. And failed. Thanks as always.


Gracias, amigo.


Lots of spoilers in this article, but for lore nerds, the latest chapter was nuts.


I have yet to play it, but I’m looking forward to it. Eventually.


Just got back into it… but I have no idea what is happening with the story anymore. I probably need to go back and replay chunks of it with a new character.


I am also getting back into it. I have a newbie question about armor skins: I play a ranger. Can I skin a different armor type over the medium armor? Also, same question but slightly different, if I buy a gem store armor, does it need to match my armor type?


You can give any armor the look of any other piece of armor of the same kind (light, medium, heavy) if you have Transmutation Charges. You can acquire those in many different ways.

As for Gem Store armors, they are usually just skins that you can apply to any piece of armor without using a Transmutation Charge, or they work like an alternate appearance (think Layered Armor in MHW or something) that you apply regardless of the actual armor you’re wearing.


Ah, ok. Thanks. So I can get a light armor look for my medium armor if I get the armor from the store. What is the difference between the Outfit stuff on the store, and the Armor sets.


Hmmm, not sure if Gem Store Armors apply their look over armors of other type. You might want to double-check that. At least with Transmutation, you can only transmute armor to the look of another piece of the same type.

Outfits are overlays. They basically override your whole armor, if I’m not mistaken. Armor sets have the individual parts, I think? Not sure as I’ve never used/bought one.


No, you can’t. Light armor skins can only be applied to light armors.

Light armor skins can never be mixed with non-light armor skins. Apparently this would cause clipping or other graphical issues.

And an Outfit is a skin replaces all the individual pieces at once, and can be applied to any type of armor. Outfits are the solution for people who want their Mesmer in platemail, or robes for their Warrior.


Ok, thanks. I dug deep enough on the sites to figure out the outfits.



I am level 34. I have a level 50 boost and 9 of the single-level boosts. Is there any reason to wait instead of using them now?


If you are having fun leveling then wait as there is no rush. If you don’t want to wait for some reason then since you are already level 34 I’d say don’t use the 50 boost on that character as you will only get 16 levels out of it.


That makes sense. The only reason I was thinking of using it is I will get 2 level-80 boosts when I eventually buy the expansions.

Also, I enjoy the story bits, but find the “fill hearts” quests slightly tedious.


There is no reason you should feel forced to fill the hearts unless you want to. Or unless you’re interested in zone completion. The hearts are there sort of as a way to give you something to do that’s not just grinding mobs.

Granted, if you are ever going to craft a legendary weapon you will need the rewards from 100% world completion. But if you don’t care right now there’s no reason you should feel forced to do them.

As for the level 50 boost I would say just to shove it in the bank. I’ve got a number of boosts and I’m not exactly sure what to do with them. You will eventually have so many boosts that you will be able to boost a character to 80 with the single level ones!


So, my understanding of how GW2 “works” is the personal story, and the living world/expansion content are the main stories, and the zone stuff is the filler for leveling. If that is the case, I think i’d like GW2 a little better if the areas of the story are unlocked without grinding. So, I am thinking of boosting, doing the level 40 and 50 personal stories, then boosting to close to the next level of content.


Yeah, don’t look at Hearts as something you need to do or should be doing to level. I largely avoided them, the dynamic events that fill each zone are a much better alternative, IMO.

I only ever completed Hearts if I was already in the area (gathering, for example) and I was getting credit for doing something that didn’t require me to go far out of my way, such as killing the mobs that are in my way.