Guild Wars 2?

There are also a lot of inventory items that could easily be dumped, like unique clothing items that have already been unlocked in your wardrobe. But honestly, I just think there are a ton of collection quests across the game, so I’ve picked up three Stone Thumbs at some point, left the area, and forgot what I was collecting them for.

Also, this may be a hacky way to expand your storage, but you can always roll alts and park them near the bank to hold your extra items. I have a friendly Sylvari who does nothing but carry all of my extra materials that won’t fit into the bank.

My bags are full of all sorts of odd stuff like dyes and things from anniversary and birthday packs. I’m tempted to just dump everything but the karma/xp boost tokens.

Dyes are consumable unlocks, so don’t throw them away. Either use them to unlock a dye, or throw four dyes you’ve already unlocked into the Mystic Forge and pray for a more useful one.

Or sell them for cash.

Though IIRC the stuff you get from birthdays are bound, so just use them (they’re also really expensive)

Virtuoso’s spec stolen from Reddit. Someone went through the trouble of taking screenshots from the livestream. I’m main in Mesmer currently and this does look like the elite I want to play :)


New Guardian Elite revealed:

They revealed the new elite for Necromancer too:

And the first to be revealed was the Virtuoso:

By the way, if you want to take a look at those three new specializations, there’s an open beta event coming:

One week starting from tomorrow, August 17th. Should be fun. ;)

Started playing this again for the first time since a couple of months after it first came out. I think the parts of New World that clicked for me are better here. Not as pretty obviously but I’m definitely enjoying myself.

Welcome back! As you can imagine, a lot has changed since release day, so feel free to ask if you have questions

My favorite content has been the Path of Fire expansion and the season 4 story that concluded it. This content also added mounts, which feel great to control

I’ve been playing a ton of this over the last month or two for some reason, mostly to do with the lack of monthly subscription.

I’ve even been toying with the idea of going after a legendary weapon. Pretty sure I’ve got a ton of the mats for one. But then I look at all the gold I’d have to grind and just make a new character instead.

I started some fresh characters and have been leveling them up the traditional way even though I have access to a bunch of boosts. So far other than the talent stuff it seems to be similar to what I remember. Lots of vendors and currencies around that I don’t understand yet, but those are pretty easy to shrug and ignore until they become relevant.

Considering my progress so far, is the mid-level content worth doing for someone who generally enjoys the leveling up process or is the high level content so much better that I should really skip ahead?

That’s a LOT of grind and a LOT of work. I have played well over a thousand hours of GW2 and I still don’t have a legendary. Not sure if I ever will. But I have tons of alts, so maybe it is more achievable for someone that only plays one character.

I went back to GW2 maybe two years ago and had a great time going through the two expansions, which were new to me. The community was (is?) super helpful and a number of people ran hours-long excursions (like 6 hours long!) into the new zones to help people get their skill points and POIs.

There was a lot to do and a surprising number of people doing stuff back then, so there was never a problem doing any of the world stuff. In fact, a couple of guilds back then were running specific events daily (like Tequatl and triple worm event).

As for legendary weapons, my main memories of going for a legendary for my Mesmer were having to do a jumping puzzle and being stuck on that for what seemed like a year.

Funny thing is, after that I was doing some world boss (uh, some sort of loot pinata boss in the Path of Fire expansion?) and he dropped a super rare thing that I sold for a billion dollars and like 5 legendaries. Once I got the legendaries my interest dried up. I guess I needed that carrot on a stick to keep me going.

I’m very biased in this regard, as I don’t like leveling characters! I want access to the whole skill tree, and I want to work towards loot that I won’t be replacing because I’ve out-leveled it. Since Path of Fire and its mounts are my favorite content, and it’s level 80 content, I vote for skipping ahead

Speaking as someone who obtained one legendary and had fun doing it but doesn’t plan on doing it again, crafting a legendary weapon is less about how much you play and more about how you play

My plan of attack was to look up all the base components that would be required, turn it into a checklist, and casually work my way through the requirements for over a year. I made sure to keep it super chill and not turn it into work

A cool thing about legendary components is they’re designed to make you experience the whole game, even a tiny bit of PvP

Come on guys! I don’t have limitless time and you keep making stuff I thought I’d put behind me seem too cool to miss. FOMO! FOOOOOOMOOOOOOOOO!!!

20% off gem cards from Amazon this weekend. “You can never have enough bank slots” is my motto.

Huh interesting. I remember them being on Amazon 8 years ago, and then at some point they were removed. Looks like they came back this year.